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A Frozen FlowerUnder the influence of the Yua [...]

Ciao - Full Movie (2008)With the slogan "If you c [...]

Gay short film 2014 LGBT Good fil ...Gay short film 2014 LGBT Good [...]

333333 [...]

Full Gay Movie 2014 English Sub | ...Full Gay Movie 2014 English Su [...]

The war boys (hunsub)A filmet az Anders oldalak fel [...]

[Best gay movies] ✭ Altitude Fall ...[Best gay movies] ✭ Altitude F [...]

Gay Short Movies

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Gay short film - Gay movie Englis ...Gay short film - Gay movie Englis [...]

Lie DetectorDane only has one chance to make [...]

Thylacine | Gay Short FilmA young couple nearing their nine [...]

(Gay Short Film) "It Gets Be ...If you like this film please give [...]

Silver Road Gay Short FilmTwo young men, best friends since [...]

OpenImpulse Group and The Advisorie p [...]

Safe Journey - Gay Themed Short F ...Safe Journey - Gay Themed Short F [...]

Cure(d) -- gay themed short filmEver thought that being gay could [...]

RevolutionA coming-of-age story about Jack, [...]

Gay Short Film 031 AfterBased on the poem "After Sch [...]

[Gay Short Film] AL BUIO (In the ... - Mang xa hoi [...]

"Who We Are" - Gay shor ...A beautifully-made film, written [...]

RUSSIAN SUBTITLES - Imagine if Ga [...]

DifferentShort film "Different", [...]

Mate - gay themed shortfilmBro, friend or just a mate from u [...]

Like a BrotherA lot is happening to Nate: he st [...]

Caught LookingA British gay short film. A man s [...]

Gió về bên phố (Waiting for the w ...[Please view english version belo [...]

Love and DeafThis is a funny 7 minute gay shor [...]

'All Sorts' (Golden Old ...When it becomes apparent that the [...]


Lady Peacock (2014)

Lady Peacock (2014)

Lady Peacock (2014)     Director: Jana Mattioli Writers: Greg Dyrsten (writer and concept), Greg Jackson (contributing writer), Jana  Mattioli (script editor), Joe Rosario (contributing writer) Genre: Comedy, Romace Country: ...
Teens Like Phil (2012)

Teens Like Phil (2012)

Teens Like Phil (2012)     Directors: Dominic Haxton, David Rosler Writers: Dominic Haxton, Cherise Pascual Genre: Short movi Country: USA Language: English Duration: 20 min     Stars: Adam ...
Finding Daddy

Daddyhunt Launches First App For Daddys, Daddy Lovers

Većina gejeva na balkanu za pronalaženje srodnih duša, srodnih kita, srodnih guza ili za pronalaženje nekoga za čašicu razgovora koristi gayromeo, grindr ili scruuf.Za one koji vole starije muškarce postoji ...

RETAKE – A Feature Film A young male prostitute (played by Luke Pasqualino) is hired by Jonathan, a lonely middle-aged man, to be his companion on a road trip from San Francisco to the ...

Coffee House Chronicles

Ep.1- Secret Asian Man A meet-cute takes an unexpected turn when Darin gets to Matthew's house and discovers that the hottie in the wrap-around ...
The Coming Out of HRG

The Coming Out of HRG

The Coming Out of HRG from Keaton Manning on Vimeo. My queer studies final... thought somebody may get something out of this: -- Greetings, Queer Studies Fall 2014! I came ...
Gay Men on Screen

Gay Men on Screen: A Place for Us (Supercut)

Gay Men on Screen: A Place for Us (Supercut) from Manuel Betancourt on Vimeo. How are gay men depicted in mainstream culture? From flaming sissies to AIDS victims, from sex-crazed ...
Un chant d'amour

A Song of Love (1950)

A Song of Love (1950) "Un chant d'amour" (original title) Director: Jean Genet Writer: Jean Genet Genre: Short movie Country: France Year: 1950 Duration: 26 min     Stars: André ...
Old Dogs & New Tricks

Old Dogs & New Tricks (2011– )

Old Dogs & New Tricks (2011– ) Genre: TV Series Seasons: 3 Country: USA Language: English Year: 2011 Stars: Leon Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, David Pevsner, Bruce L. ...