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A (completely straight) man is hard to find. “80/20” follows Jesse on a journey of self-discovery trying to figure out what it means to be a “real” man in the new century, forming new relationships, falling in love, and making connections in the most surprising places. When his tight-knit social circle questions his sexuality, it leaves the questions: “am I really straight” or “am I straight enough?” Ask yourself: if everyone has their own percentage of straight to gay, what percentage would you be?
“80/20” is a show. Like a TV show. It has a 60+ page original script, a beginning, middle and end. There are 10 episodes that range from 4 to 7 minutes each.
This is a project that has been in the making for almost two years, involving twenty plus actors, multiple camera men, sound and lighting crew, all on zero budget. I am awed and inspired by the generosity of all these amazing artists.
We originally started this project as a writing and film experiment. We wanted to write a show about masculinity and sexuality and their perceptions in our current urban environment. We also wanted to make people laugh. So what we hope to share with you is an organic piece made with fantastic artists, lots of love, some laughs and maybe a touch of social commentary.
It’s a show that I would want to watch and it didn’t exist…so we had to make it. If you like what you see and have interest in seeing more, please share with anyone and everyone. I’m really excited to share this piece with all of you.

Directed by Wendy McClellan, Michael Izquierdo, and Vayu O’Donnell.

Filmed by Michael Izquierdo, Christopher Gerson, Miles Adgate and Craig DiFolco.

Edited by Christopher Gerson. Original music by Evan Olson.
Staring: Vayu O’Donnell and Christopher Oscar Pena.
Co-staring: Mike Crane, Shannon Esper, Jennifer Ikeda, Michael Izquierdo, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe Matthew Rauch, and Victor Williams.
With Special Appearances by: Leigh Dunham, Stephanie Fieger, Cassandra Freeman, Lauren Holmes, Armando Riesco, Liv Rooth, Lee Aaron Rosen, Rachel Spencer Hewitt, and Amirah Vann.




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