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A Friend of Dorothy (1994)

Director: Raoul O’Connell
Writer: Raoul O’Connell
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Year: 1994

Stars: Raoul O’Connell, Ann Russo and Kevin McClatchy

Winston dolazi na koledž i zaljubi se u svog privremenog cimera koji uskoro odlazi u L.A. te mu je stoga rizično započeti bilo šta sa njim. U međuvremenu pokušava da nađe nekoga sebi sličnog. WC, Čitaonica, Knjižare…

Slatka mala priča o mukama mladog momka koji tek zalazi u svjet pedera. Srećom tu je uvjek prijatelj koji te razumije.

Part 1.

From Imdb
Excellent movie!!!!
2 March 1999 | by Shaun ( (Ohio)

If you have not seen this movie, then I strongly advise it. Although it is very hard to find in a local video store, you can still order it at different locations. It is easier to find this movie on the trio video “Boys Life.” I guess the main reason that I thought this video was so excellent was the fact of how cute Raoul O’Connell is.

Winston (Raoul), is a NYU college student who has a major crush on his room mate. Finally toward the end of the movie he gets up enough nerve to finally find out if his room mate is really gay, and which he is. Unfortunately, he found himself a job in California, so once again Winston is left alone.

But anyway, don’t want to tell you about the entire movie, Just go and see it!!! I gave it a 10 rating because it is an excellent movie for gay or straight youth.

Part 2.

A Friend of Dorothy (1994)
  • Runtime:33 minutes
  • Plot: Winston arrives at NYU as a freshman, knowing he’s gay and wondering where that fact will lead him. He falls hard for Tom, his temporary roommate who’s soon to leave for L.A., and it’s a big risk to express these feelings. Meanwhile, temptations and opportunities abound in the Village: sex in public toilets, uninhibited people at parties, and knowing Act-uppers. Plus, there are misinterpreted signals, like the ones Winston gets from a Moonie. With help from his hometown friend Anne, Winston keeps his equilibrium and finds the perfect place to meet someone: the Judy Garland rack at Tower Records. Written by <>
  • Rating: (240 votes)




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