Gay Themed Movies » 2005 » ABAN + KHORSHID (2005)


Director: Darwin Serink
Writers: Darwin Serink
Genre: Short, Short Movie
Country:  USA
Language: English
Duration: 13 min
Year: 2005

Stars: Mojean Aria, Bobby Naderi






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Based on a 2005 Iranian photo that was taken of two men on the day they were executed for being gay, the award-winning 13-minute film ABAN + KHORSHID from writer/director Darwin Serink depicts the atrocious and inhumane executions still happening around the world today based purely on sexual orientation.

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Cannes Emerging Filmmakers Showcase, American Pavillion: Best LGBT Short
Casting Society of America : Best Casting of a Short Film (Nominated)
Seattle International Film Festival: Short Film Competition Special Jury Award
Seattle International Film Festival: Nominated, Golden Space Needle Award, 4th runner up.
Cleveland International Film Festival: Jury Award for Best LGBT Short Film
Palm Springs Short Fest : Best Of Fest
Outfest: Best Of Fest
Iris Prize Awards: Highly Commended – TOP 3
GAZE International Film Fest. Dublin, Ireland: Best International Short Film
Edmonton International Film Festival: Best Cinematography
Edmonton International Film Festival: Audience Award
Image Out Rochester LGBT Film Festival: Jury Award, Best Short Film
San Pedro International Film Festival: Best Short Film
Meziprata: Best Short Film, Jury Prize
Ft Lauderdale (FLGFF): Best Short Film
Long Island LGBT Festival: Best Short Film
Mix Film Festival Brasil: Best Short Film, Audience Award
Durango Film Festival: Best Short Film
Human Rights Arts Film Fest, Melbourne: Best Int’l Short Film




  • People like Aban and Khorshid you are heroes to me because you remain themselves despite the circumstances.Be sure that I pray to God that your wrongdoers be not forgiven.They shall face diseases, accidents and loneliness when alive, and unforgiving after death.They won’t be with their families after death because blocked by their unforgiven wrongs.It really works! I was mobbed in work and then I prayed and those two bosses now are close to death, one of them confined to be with repeating heart attacks while the second unsuccessfully fighting cancer.Jesus showed that mercy and forgiving should be used, but it proved no effect.Unforgiving is better, effective, justice-making.

    People like Aban and Khorshid please be sure that you are not forgotten.And never left alone.

  • Aban, Khorshid you are now in heaven. You are free and happy now. Look at those suffering here on earth and bring peace and comfort in their hearts. So that nobody is afraid to express his feelings and be himself.


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