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Away (A)wake (2005)

Director: Morgan Jon Fox
Writers: Morgan Jon Fox, Suzi Crashcourse
Genre: Drama
Country:  USA
Language: English
Duration: 91 min
Year: 2005

Stars: Bill Baker, Doris Barker, Helen Bowman, David Caffey

Sleepwalking their way through the meandering streets of Memphis, Tenn., four strangers grapple with the meaning of being “awake.” Among them are a homeless man so devoid of hope that he’s ready to end his life, and a gay teen tired of feeling unsupported by friends and family. Meanwhile, a grandmother’s life implodes when her husband decides to leave her, and a college student searches for something to make him feel complete.

Away (A)wake (2005)
  • Director: Morgan Jon Fox
  • Writers:
    Suzi Crashcourse
    Morgan Jon Fox
  • Country:USA
  • Genre:Drama
  • Runtime:91 minutes
  • Actors:
    Larson's Father
    Bill Baker
    Doris Barker
    Helen Bowman
    Corey's Father
    David Caffey
    LaKesha Glover
    Daniel Long
    Saki Manousakis
    Timothy Morton
    Mark Pergolizzi
    Pamela Tice Chapman
  • Language:English
  • Plot:

    Larsen, runs away after the principle reveals a photo of him making out with another boy to the whole school.

    - Written byAnonymous
  • Rating: (81 votes)




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