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Be Mine (2009)


Directors: Dave Padilla, Steven Vasquez
Writer: Jeremy Huntington
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 70 min
Year: 2009


Stars: Daniel Selon, Kendra Thomas, Jared Welch




Mayson and Reiley just got married that morning in front of their friends.  Eric and Mayson are hanging out at the beach while the reception is being put together.  They start talking about how Mayson and Reiley meet at Eric’s Valentine’s Day party.  Before they met, Mayson was in college and had never even kissed a guy.  He was looking for that perfect man for that first kiss.  Reiley become that man at the party.
This is a sweet story, but not a very good movie.  Most of the movie takes placed at the Valentine’s Day party with the small cast and extras.  Not a whole lot going on but drunkenness and partying.  The movie is not that long so what do you expect, right.  Like I said, the story is sweet, but it would only happen in a movie.  Reiley sets up Mayson’s perfect date on the first date.  Who does that and knows that.  He did ask his best friend Robin earlier that day, but come on he has not even known him for 24 hrs.  It is farfetched.



Be Mine (2009)

  • Actors:

    Mayson (as Dan Selon)
    Daniel Selon
    Kendra Thomas
    Jared Welch
    Eric Taylor
    Jessica Ream
    Tristan Scott
    Ryan Bauer
    Amanda Cantrell
    Becky Johnston

  • Plot:

    A gay man is about to be married. He thinks back to when he was a kissing virgin, waiting for the right person with whom to have that first kiss.

    Written by

  • Rating: (137 votes)





  • I see now. Who knows maybe one day become for public. Many films are under copyright restriction, we never know what video is legal what no!


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