Gay Themed Movies » 2017 » Bound: The Series By Colin J Murphy (2017)

Focusing on a Narcotics Enforcement Agency that works to target specific drug dealers and manufacturers intending to impact and reduce street level drug activity, the series follows Jacob Phillips, an out gay agent. Dealing with the notion of what it means to take care of someone else, Jacob tries to find a balance in his feelings of allegiance to his job, a codependent friendship and a new man in his life. In a place where the “good guys” get to identify how someone defines themselves, Jacob tries to find out if it is even possible to be a hero.

Written by: Colin J Murphy and Alex Hughes
Directed by: Colin J Murphy
Directors of Photography: Peter Pascucci and Josh Herzog

Featuring: Jack Ball, Goldie Flavelle, Alex Hughes, Julia Schlaepfer, Rob Morean, Heather Oakley, Jen Parkhill, Adam Rodriguez, Kari Seward, Cynthia Silver, Toni-Marie Gallardo, Sydney Soucy, Joseph Sean Murphy, Spencer Wawak

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