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Boyfriend (2017)

Director: Kyle Krieger
Writers: Kyle Krieger
Genre: Short Movie
Country:  USA
Language: English
Duration: 6 min
Year: 2017

Stars: Indar Smith, Jake Wilson

Boyfriend, which was created by Kyle as his entry to film school, explores a dating scenario that’ll be all too familiar to some people – realising you’re the third person in a relationship.

“When single, I have often encountered partners or friends or people who I was interested in who led me on and entertained my company without disclosing their honest intentions right away. Sometimes they would be in relationships and kept it hidden for a while until they couldn’t any more. I was always so disappointed and sad when I would find out. A part of me understands why they would do that. I too have been in a relationship and was attracted at the newness and flirtation of a new acquaintance. Especially if my relationship was in a downturn or going through a rough patch. This film is just a glimpse into those emotions and that process,” he said.




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