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ccCowboys & Angels (2003)


Director: David Gleeson
Writer: David Gleeson
Genre: Drama
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Year: 2003
Duration: 89 min



Stars: Michael Legge, Allen Leech and Amy Shiels





Kako nastaju prijateljstva?

cowboys-and-angels-1Mislim da je za to potrebno da se uklopi mnogo stvari, slična interesovanja, medjusobno povjerenje, poznavanje i tolerancija.
Još ako u sve to iskljucimo seksualnu privlacnost eto predpostavke za iskrena i dobra prijateljstva. Na žalost mnogi pederi griješe i ne vide dalje od ogledala. Upoznavaju se i druzže isključivo sa drugim pederima, a ostale prihvataju samo iz ličnog interesa. Ako imaju str8 prijatelja to je obično neko iz djetinjstva ili škole, a i tada je neiskreno jer je obučeno u laži i tajnama.
Mnogi mi se žale da se osjećaju prazno i iskorišćeno. Iz dana u dan traže neko prijateljstvo i nadu da će se to pretvoriti u neku romasu, a svaku novu osobu koju upoznaju prvo odvuku u krevet!
Jedan mi je rekao da se ne može družiti sa nekim ko mu se ne sviđa fizički.
Drugi da su mu najbolji prijatelji gejevi ali isključivo oni sa kojima ne dijeli isti ukus po pitanju muškaraca. I tako redom, pogubljeni u svom pederskom svjetu izgube pojam o ljudima koji ih okružuju. Svakome nalaze manu i neku lošu karakteristiku.
Na kraju veći dio okruženja naprosto kaže: “Ma to je obična pederčina” pri tome ne misleći na seksualnu orjentaciju!
Ovaj film nam govori o jednom lijepom prijateljstvu koje se svakako ne zasniva na pederskim predpostavkama.


cowboy1yo0There is very little of anything original in Cowboys & Angels, but it is still a nice film nonetheless.  The unique aspect of this Irish film is that there is a friendship between a straight man and a gay man, and there is no fear or apprehension from the straight guy about his roommate’s sexuality.  If anything, Shane (Michael Legge, Angela’s Ashes, Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?) is in awe of his roommate Vincent (Alan Leech, The Escapist).  Vincent has lots of cool friends, gets into all the cool clubs, and looks like he’s always having fun.  Shane, on the other hand, dresses preppy/boring, has few friends, and doesn’t do much of anything. The other weird thing is that Legge and Leech look a lot like Frodo and Sam from The Lord of the Rings. Who knew that Sam was gay?
Anyway, Shane is looking for a flat closer to the city, where he works in a boring desk job. All the good places are taken, and he spots a two-bedroom the same time that Vincent does. They agree to room together, and things are initially pretty chilly because the two are so different. Vincent is in school to be a fashion designer, and picks up men for one-night stands. Shane just sits at home, bored. It turns out the two went to school together a long time ago, and as they spend more time together, they begin to open up. Shane has a huge crush on Gemma (Amy Shiels, Veronica Guerin, The Abduction Club), Vincent’s good friend.
cowboys-angels-14-05-2003-32-g (1)Shane finally allows Vincent to have his way with him…and give him a makeover. Shane now looks like he’s a fun guy, and people are taking notice. Like every teen movie in America, the newfound fame begins to change Shane. He becomes more arrogant and self-centered, caring less for the people around him and more for himself. Writer/director David Gleeson (Hunted, Feels Like Home) adds in a pretty arbitrary plot about Shane’s neighbor Keith (David Murray, King Arthur, Veronica Guerin). Keith is a drug dealer, and preys on Shane’s need for money to enlist his help in selling drugs. The only reason this ridiculous premise sounds plausibe is that Gleeson uses a gentle touch in writing his characters.
Legge and Leech give two very natural performances. They look and feel very comfortable in their characters, and Gleeson’s decision to omit the homophobia aspect that every other film would include is a really nice touch. It allows him to delve further into the friendship between these two guys, and he spends enough time with the characters to make the friendship believable. Shane basically lost his childhood. He had to work quickly after high school to support his family. He doesn’t have a real concept of how to have fun, or what his dreams were. Vincent is the person who changes all of this. There’s nothing profound going on here, it’s just a nice small movie. – Haro Online

Cowboys & Angels (2003)
  • Runtime:89 minutes
  • Actors:
    Shane Butler
    Michael Legge
    Vincent Cusack (as Alan Leech)
    Allen Leech
    Amy Shiels
    David Murray
    Frank Kelly
    Colm Coogan
    Sean Power
    Alvaro Lucchesi
    Richard Walsh
    Frank Coughlan
    Nigel Mercier
  • Plot: The story concerns a hapless civil servant who gets more than he bargained for when he moves into an apartment with a gay fashion student and finds himself on the catwalk. The film sets out to explore the difficulties for young people in keeping their identities in a fast moving culture of drugs and clubs. Written by Anonymous
  • Also known as: Amici per la vita (Italy), Caubóis E Anjos (Brazil – festival title), Cowboydes kai angeloi (Greece – DVD title), The Real Thing (Ireland – working title, English title),
  • Rating: (1,711 votes)






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