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El Vestido Brillaba (2013)

20 min|Short, Drama|N/A
Rating: Metascore: N/A
In an enveloping space that embraces and gives refuge, where two kindred spirits dwell, reality does not appear in the conventional manner: dreams that suggest an escape, caresses that provide solace. Ariel and Franco, live their present moments together, cocooned in their inner sanctum, refuting any possibility of an ‘outside’. This ‘outside’ does not disturb, does not destroy the couple’s warmth and tenderness, but it is just.. there. And this ‘outside’ suggests, ever so precariously, the couple’s barely perceptible boundaries.

“Optical contact”
29 November 2016 | by wath-38-694052 – Source: imdb
Awesome movie! So quiet and peaceful. No running around, talking or clarifying the relationship. Limit has been reached beyond which nothing should be done any more! There is a term “optical contact” – when the surfaces of the items are so pure and have exactly the same shape that they connect without glue, using its own molecular bonds because the air just does not remain between them. This film shows such connection that no longer need to maintain by words or deeds. Been filmed the same time as “Hawaii” – another great movie. Manuel Vignau is one of my favorite actors, he was amazing in “Plan B” and “Hawaii”. Never seen Francisco Sendra before, but he is good. Hope they do more with Leopoldo Dameno or Marco Berger. Today it’s so hard to find really good story line – long or short.But this two writers/directors can create real masterpiece




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