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Homophobia from Blake Eduardo on Vimeo.

My first short film shot with the eos 5d MK II for the monthly “mini-court festival” from ARKAOS (www.arkaos.ch). Theme of the month: Phobia.

A man who don’t like gay people – affraid to be gay himself – live a strange experience of intim proximity…

Dir.: Blake Eduardo Carreno DOP: Cédric Russo
Cast: Baptiste Coustenoble, Stéphane Rentznik

HD, 2 min, in french, no subtitles.

Little approximative translation from 38” to 55” during the body mount scene:

“I look like a gay. No, I don’t look like a gay. I’m not gay (5x). That’s it. The shirt makes me like a gay. I’m not gay”




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