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I Am Syd Stone (2014)

Director: Denis Theriault
Writers: Denis Theriault
Genre: Drama, Short, Short Movie
Country:  Canada
Language: English
Duration: 11 min
Year: 2014

Stars: Gharrett Patrick Paon, Fonya Irvine, Michael Gaty

Hollywood heartthrob, Syd Stone, returns home to attend his 10-year high school reunion. The only person granted access to his grandiose suite is Brent, the other half of Syd’s closeted high school relationship. From the moment they reconnect, the past comes back to throw them into an emotional tailspin.

I Am Syd Stone was ultimately satisfying, even if to begin with it felt unoriginal. It is well shot, well produced and well acted. It cannot be faulted for that. Where it shines is in the final few moments where things fall into place and a little bit of social commentary arises; namely that Hollywood doesn’t change at the same pace as society.
I Am Syd Stone (2014)
  • Director: Denis Theriault
  • Writers:
    Denis Theriault
    Denis Theriault
  • Genres:Short, Drama
  • Runtime:11 minutes
  • Actors:
    Syd Stone
    Gharrett Patrick Paon
    Fonya Irvine
    Michael Gaty
    Female Reporter
    Alyse Hand
    Gina (voice)
    Nicole Steeves
    Sean Skerry
    Brooke MacDonald
  • Plot:

    A Hollywood heartthrob returns home to rekindle an old closeted relationship.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Also known as: Syd Stone vagyok (Hungary - festival title),

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