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I Love You Baby (2001)


Directors: Alfonso Albacete, David Menkes
Writers: Alfonso Albacete, Lucía Etxebarría
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Year: 2001
Duration: 110 min


Stars: Jorge Sanz, Tiaré Scanda and Santiago Magill







Napisano 28.01.2008. (Blog)
Baš se nagledah ovih Španskih filmova. Pa oni snimaju filmove o pederima više no mi reklame za prašak. Danas me zapao još jedan španski film, mislim da ću poslije ovog malo da odmorim od Španskog jezika jer ako ovako nastavim ovaj blog bi mogao promijeniti jezik.
I love you baby, je romantična komedija u trouglu prelijepog Markosa, Daniela i dominikanke Marisol. Markos dolazi u Madrid da radi i živi kod svojih rodjaka. Upoznaje Danijela sa kojim započinje intezivno druženje koje prelazi u intimno. Odlučuju da žive zajedno. Gay priča nebi bila priča da Marcos ne upoznaje Marisol u koju se zaljubljuje i shvata da nemože da živi sa Danijelom.
Napušta ga i započinje vezu sa Marisol. Danijel očajan pokušava da ga vrati i prerušava se u ženu i započinje prijateljstvo sa Marisol i Marcosom.

This film has the same bright and watchable tone as many Spanish ensemble comedies, but the story is so uneven that you can’t quite figure out whether you should laugh or be offended by it. It’s basically a seriously dramatic love triangle with a zany comic twist. Marcos (Sanz) is new in Madrid, working in his aunt and uncle’s cafe, and quickly noticed by another newcomer in the city, the Dominican single mother Marisol (Scanda). But his interests lie elsewhere, and one night in a gay bar he meets the charming actor Daniel (Magill) and starts a relationship, even though the two have little in common (Marcos hates ballet; Daniel hates football). Then one night in a disco, Marcos is hit in the head by a falling disco ball and wakes up straight. Soon he’s dating Marisol instead. So Daniel turns to his pal Carmen (Forque) for advice on how to get his man back. He’ll do anything.

It’s never a good idea to use such a ludicrous plot device to drive an otherwise serious storyline. And the disco ball scene loses us completely, especially when a running gag involving Boy George tries to cash in on the idea. This is a shame, because the film has a charming tone that could have been engaging and enjoyable–it should be a sweet opposites-attract rom-com. But the directors never square the comedy with the drama, and they lose focus by concentrating far too much on Marisol’s gaggle of gossipy friends, letting the central Marcos-Daniel plot drift badly in the process. Meanwhile, Daniel’s attempt to win back Marcos is extremely unconvincing; we can’t believe it for a second, and as a result we lose interest in the characters altogether. Even though the film is still watchable, the plot is just too clunky to work on any level. And for a story with sexuality as its central theme, the filmmakers undercut it with an overriding anti-gay sensibility that throws everything even further off balance.

I Love You Baby (2001)

  • Writers:
    Alfonso Albacete
    Lucía Etxebarría
    David Menkes

  • Country:Spain

  • Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance

  • Runtime:110 minutes

  • Actors:
    Jorge Sanz
    Tiaré Scanda
    Santiago Magill
    Verónica Forqué
    Marilyn Torres
    Alicia Agut
    Nacho San Pedro
    Laura Ramos
    Elaine Yasiris
    Santa Morel

  • Language:Spanish

  • Rating: (217 votes)




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