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Thailand, 2011, video installation directed by Thunska Pansittivorakul

‘Farang(foreigner) consider lips-to-lips kissing as good and Thai-style kissing as bad. The fact of one preference over another is a sign of lack of understanding between people’
KI SS is a video installation that interprets this quote from a Thai book on kissing traditions by Sathirakoses. The book compares the Thai-style and farang-stlye. Sathirakoses’s writings usually rely on comparative information from various nations, modified for Thai readers to allow new understandings. For this reason I am interested in combining a creative spirit with this piece of mine. I was reminded of a time I went to Berlin and saw a mounument called “Homosexuellen Mahnmal” or Monument for Homosexual Massacre. Inside this monument there is a video monitor imbeded in a plank of stone.This is a work titled Ewig Kussende Manner or The Eternal Men Kissing by duo artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. The piece was created to commemorate the massacre of gay people in 1935 during the Nazi era. In that era over 54,000 people were prosecuted after a court ruled them guilty for being gay. Over 7,000 gay men were then murdered.




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