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Kissing Drew (2013)


Director: Philip J. Connell
Writers: Genevieve Scott, Philip J. Connell
Genre: Short Movie
Country:  Canada
Language: English
Duration: 9 min
Year: 2013


Stars: Chris Handfield, Ben Hargreaves, Jessica Ryan, Eden Ocean Sanders

Kissing Drew is a masterclass at how to make an efficient, original and engaging short film. It’d be a disservice to your viewing experience to ruin the fun of how witty filmmaker Philip J. Connel uses the tropes of high school bullying to deliver a funny, cute, sexy and moving portrait of sexual awakening. Suffice to say that James daydreams about his bully. Drew, and that his sexual fantasies occur in the least suitable moments. By the time we reach the surprising climax, which is nothing you expect, you realize the symbolic, life-affirming meaning behind James’ bold move. This is what every short film should be: tight and straight to the point, making the most of the brief running time to tell a fulfilling and entertaining story. Kisisng Drew has it all and more, including a cast of promising young actors and a great use of music and editing.

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Kissing Drew (2013)

9 min|Short, Drama|N/A
5.2Rating: 5.2 / 10 from 97 usersMetascore: N/A




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