Gay Themed Movies » 1995 » La petite mort (The Little Death 1995)

La petite mort (The Little Death 1995)

Director: François Ozon
Writers: Didier Blasco (writer)
François Ozon (writer)
Genre: Short movie
Country:  France
Language: French
Duration: 26 min





The story is at the same time hard and touching, a deep diving in the intricacies of family relationships. Very far from the kitsch-touch of some subsequent movies of Ozon. Under the provocative varnish, a drama upsetting on the relation father-son, the melancholy which presses the heart, on homosexuality and the difficulty in liking and being liked in return.This film is far from the voyeurism which one could fear with the reading of the script.

The play of François Delaive is definitively like a razor. People that like this short-movie must absolutely see “Abattoir” (“Slaughter-house”), a movie from Didier Blasco (the co-scenarist of “Petite Mort”) with the same François Delaive.







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