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Man-for-sale-2008Men For Sale (2008)
Hommes a louer (Original title)



Director: Rodrigue Jean
Genre: Documentary
Country: Canada
Language: French (Eng. subtitles)
Year: 2008
Duration: 75 min






Eleven male sex-trade workers are followed over the course of a year, recounting their struggle to survive alcohol and drug-related addictions, abuse and stigmatization – but most of all, their troubled pasts. Trapped in a vicious circle of prostitution and drugs, they pursue their hardscrabble lives, knowing their prospects for the future are dim.

Hommes à louer (2008)
  • Runtime:75 minutes
  • Also known as: Hommes à louer ((original title)), Antres gia poulima (Greece (festival title)),
  • Rating: (37 votes)

Man For Sale




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