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Partners (1982)

Partners (1982)


Director: James Burrows
Writers: Francis Veber
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Country:  USA
Language: English
Duration: 1h 33 min
Year: 1982


Stars: Ryan O’Neal, John Hurt, Kenneth McMillan



Partners is a 1982 comedy/crime gay movie about two police officers one of whom is gay assigned to investigate a series of murders. Sergeant Benson shows up at the office of his boss chief Wilkins. Behind him is officer Kerwin. Wilkins tells them that they will go undercover as two gay partners to uncover the murder of a gay man. Kerwin is gay and Benson is uneasy with the assignment but he is ordered.
They are given a pink Volkswagen with a flamboyant look. They move into a gay neighborhood and begin interacting with the gay community as they get leads. It is tough and once they are arrested for indecency at a beach. Through associates of the victim they discover there are other unsolved murders.
Benson has to pose for photographs meant for a gay magazine. He falls in love with the lady photographing him. The magazine is published with his photograph on the top cover. Benson begins to sleep with the lady. Kerwin is jealous as he has developed a liking for Benson. Kerwin later discovers that the lady is one of the killers. Benson is too in love to hear Kerwin. The lady is killed by one of her associates who also tries to kill Benson. Kerwin saves Benson.


          Partners (1982)55

  • Runtime:93 minutes
  • Actors:
    Sgt. Benson
    Ryan O’Neal
    John Hurt
    Chief Wilkins
    Kenneth McMillan
    Robyn Douglass
    Jay Robinson
    Denise Galik
    Joseph R. Sicari
    Michael McGuire
    Rick Jason
    Edward K. Petersen
    James Remar
  • Plots:

    Benson is a police detective. After a series of murders in the Gay community he is ordered to go undercover with a gay police clerk named Kerwin as his partner. In order to be noticed they have to be flamboyant enough to attract attention which Benson finds rather disturbing. Can an uptight heterosexual and a mousey homosexual form a meaningful relationship?

    Written by
    John Vogel

    A straight police detective is unnerved when ordered to go undercover with a gay police clerk, as a couple, to solve a series of murders in the gay community.

  • Also known as: Socios (Argentina), Dois Tiras Meio Suspeitos (Brazil), Deux flics chez les folles (Canada – French title), Algo más que colegas (Spain), Ontuva aisapari (Finland), Partnerek (Hungary), Lui è mio (Italy), Partnerzy (Poland), Sócios (Portugal), Zwei irre Typen auf heißer Spur (West Germany),




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