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Night Watch (2005)
“Ronda nocturna” (original title)


Director: Edgardo Cozarinsky
Writer: Edgardo Cozarinsky
Genre: Drama
Country: Argentina, France
Language: Spanish
Duration: 81 min
Year: 2008


Stars: Gonzalo Heredia, Mariana Anghileri, Rafael Ferro





Ovaj argentiski film me definitifvno nije oduševio . Ipak sam gledao i gore od njega.
Gluma nije loša kao ni sama režija filma, ali sam priča filma je nekako nedorečena.
Victor, 20-togodišnji mladić , nižerazredni narkodiler koji se bavi i prostitucijom u Buenos Airesu, kruži gradom po raznim klubovima i javnim kupatilima sa prijateljima koje srecće po ulicama.
Kroz ovu filmsku priču Viktor nas upoznaje sa svijetom prostitucije, tranvestita, narkomana, pedera, beskućnika, ukratko sa samim dnom svakog društva.
U ovom filmu sa jako malo dijaloga režiser Edgardo Cozarinsky nam prikazuje jednu mračnu stranu Buenos Airesa, prepunu mizerije i nepravde. Nedorečenost samog filma bi valjda trebalo da nam ostavi prostora da nakon filma razmislimo o tome.



This dark, sensitive tale of an atypical night in the life of Victor, a 20-year-old Buenos Aires prostitute, puts a fresh, intelligent twist on the frequently told drama of young male hustlers. Victor plies his trade in a foreboding, seedy world with its nocturnal denizens – horny businessmen, drug addicts, fellow prostitutes, transvestites, and the homeless- and the threat of violence simmering just below the surface of most encounters. Projecting a cool nonchalance bordering on insensitivity, the handsome, mop-haired young Victor feels at peace with both this world and his trade.

The night, however, quickly takes on an ominous feel after he narrowly escapes being hit by a car right after midnight and the beginning of All Souls Days. He is haunted by this brush with death, and as the night wears on, other incidents – threatening strangers, a friend who almost kills him after sex, the remembrance of a past love – combine to create for Victor, a subtle, surreal urban odyssey.

Veteran director Edgardo Cozarinsky weaves a fascinating portrait of a young man forced to confront his past, his present and his future. (Spanish with English subtitles)


Ronda nocturna (2005)

  • Runtime:81 minutes

  • Actors:
    Gonzalo Heredia
    Cecilia (as Moro Anghileri)
    Mariana Anghileri
    Rafael Ferro
    Darío Tripicchio
    El comisario (as Gregg Dayton)
    Gregory Dayton
    Susana Varela
    Embajador (as Roman Chiaposki)
    Román Chaploski
    Lady Cocaina
    Jana Bokova
    Muchacho impertinente
    Diego Cunill
    Primer cliente de droga
    Diego Trerotola

  • Plot:

    A long night’s journey into day: Victor, a street hustler in the Santa Fe and Pueyrredón neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, from the evening of November 1, All Saints Day, to the dawn of November 2, All Souls Day. Victor’s odyssey takes him from clients to friends to a gay gym then a hotel room and an all-night café. He plays pick-up soccer with kids whose parents are going through trash or waiting in parks. A vendor gives him a chrysanthemum. It seems he’s being followed, and on the night streets, death is close at hand. Can Victor survive until dawn?

    Written by

  • Also known as: Der Nachtschwärmer (Germany), Ronde de nuit (France), Night Watch (USA – DVD title), Night Watch (World-wide – English title),

  • Rating: (442 votes)


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