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Tel Aviv Pride 2013 – Arisa feat. Omer Adam

Check out the official Arisa video produced for Tel Aviv Pride 2013


The official video of Tel Aviv Pride 2013, produced by Arisa
Video by Omer Tobi
Produced by Yotam Pappo
Executive producer: Tamir Zvi
Styling by Gili Algabi
Artistic director and choreographer: Uriel Yekutiel
Assistant choreographer: Yoel Noy
Assistant stylist: Hen Begerano
Hair by Maor Kidushim
Make-up: Yoni Shine
Starring: Netanel Atias, Uriel Yekutiel, Eliad Cohen, Gili Cohen, Ori Yehezkeli, Gavriel Tolmasov, Yoel Noy, Sean Shulman, Reut Weinberger, Sher Sanda

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