Gay Themed Movies » 2016 » Telton 7

Written by Brendan Scannell
Directed by Glenn Fellman
Produced by Tom Mason
Robot Design by Britta Rowings
Music by Matt Nauss
Cinematography by Jack Forbes
Sound by Alec Kahn & Jon Oliver
Production Design by Liz Moore & Mary Gulino
Gaffing by Christian Bond
Opening Song performed by Rachel Kaplan accompanied on Piano by Adam Bravo
Brendan Scannell, Pat Buetow, Sosie Bacon, Rachel Borders, Matthew Hays, Alex Jacobs, Jamie Kaler

Though it calls to mind grounded sci-fi films like Her and Ex Machina, Telton 7 combines melancholy and comedy in a way that feels really unique. Directed by Glenn Fellman and co-starring Pat Buetow as Telton the robot, the short uses its heightened premise to explore love, intimacy, sex, and 21st century ennui.


Telton 7




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