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The Coming Out of HRG from Keaton Manning on Vimeo.

My queer studies final… thought somebody may get something out of this:

Greetings, Queer Studies Fall 2014!

I came out of “the closet” when I was 17, but preceding that time, I had a lot of hardships with forced religion, fear, and shame. Those emotions did not suddenly disappear as soon as I admitted my “real self” to the world, but it certainly got better (as the hundreds of youtube videos and my best friend at the time promised). After having taken this course, I am a better soul with even more passion to change minds and open hearts. I know it may sound pretentious, but screw it: my aim is to change the world.

Acknowledging the fact that we are queer – LGBTQQ or straight – makes us superheroes. We have the spirit and ability to be a part of the societal shift that we have been learning about; to save lives. This is not something to be ignored! Your life is worth more than motion – save another life, or two or three. In my eyes, it is our duty to do so.


So, this film was rushed and blah blah blah, but past that, I want to explain what it is really about.

As many of you may know, while “in the closet”, people feel overwhelmed by the “what if’s” of coming out. What if my family disowns me? What if God hates me and I go to hell? What if people attack me or beat me up? What if I’m seen as a lesser human being? What will my friends think and how will they react? What if I become RuPaul or Chris Crocker?!

The film focuses on a part of everybody’s soul I call the Heroic Rainbow Goddess. She doesn’t only NOT give a fuck about the haters, but she gives a DAMN about the lovers. I believe that every person from Lady GaGa (Pop Star) to Yoweri Museveni (President of Uganda) has the HRG somewhere inside. She is the force in us all that is open and free. It is her responsibility to let go of the egotistical self for the sake of other humans’ souls. Growing up and becoming an adult in this world is not about having “strength” to fight back with violence, or the “strength” to hide your true self like a coward so that nobody has to face the issue. Becoming an adult is discovering the HRG within your own soul, and letting her shine across the world so that others know that humans love each other, regardless of gender, race, class, hair color, image, size, etc.

As you watch my story, my transformation, please consider the HRG within yourself, and think about a life you are able to change. A shame you have the ability to release. A soul you can unshackle. A love you can ignite. I hope this has been sufficiently arousing. Although it may sound like a wannabe speech, I really do mean these words, and believe in the force of the Heroic Rainbow Goddess in all of us. I know you will think about her and discover her as you strut down these art center hallways. Somebody out there could use your love and compassion.

I have had a lot of fun learning about all of you, and look forward to seeing you around! Warm and free hugs, always.

Much love, and happy holidays.




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