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Twelve short stories connecting the lives of gay and queer men across twelve countries and six continents. A pastor in Singapore, a health worker in Kenya, a politician in Chile, and more stories from Panama, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Denmark, Switzerland, India, the Philippines, and Australia. By American photographer Kevin Truong of the Gay Men Project.

The Gay Men Project is a personal project by New York based photographer Kevin Truong. It is one of the single, largest collections of photographs and stories of gay and queer men in the world. With over seven hundred subjects photographed across 90 cities, 37 countries, and six continents, Truong has photographed a wide diversity of subjects, including the first openly gay member of Congress in Peru, members of Parliament in Brazil, Switzerland, and Australia, HIV outreach workers in South Africa, a retired Justice from the Australian High Court, even a prince in India.

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The work has been recognized internationally, by such esteemed news outlets as NBC News in the United States, Le Monde in France, and OGlobo in Brazil.

In Truong’s own words:

“This project is simple. Basically I’m trying to photograph as many gay men as I can. My goal is to create a platform, a visibility on some level, and a resource for others who may not be as openly gay. A visual catalog of gay men and their stories. When I think of my own experience, and all the time I spent in the closet and hiding the fact that I was gay–to be at a place now where I feel completely comfortable being on the blog and telling the world “Hey, I’m a gay man,” I think there’s a power in that, for me and for a lot of the men on the blog. So it’s kind of a numbers game, I think the more men I photograph, the more impact the project has.

My dream is to take the project to as many different cities as I can across the world.”

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