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In the first ever Gay Soap Opera set in Sydney Australia, Jake from Bega comes to Sydney to meet AJ at The Colombian Hotel on Oxford Street, Sydney. There, he meets Wilma Bumhurt, a jaded drag queen who takes a liking to him.

This web series is a good example of branded Content, sponsored by ACON and Manhunt and produced by Tim Duggan’s (Fagtag, DTPM, Disgraceland) popular website and was launched at a popular Oxford Street nightclub by Australian Idol’s Courtney Act in October of this year.

This series will join the popular gay themed web soap opera, Table Of Choices as an artistic expression of gay culture on Youtube.




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Simeon campaigns against gay hate crimes

Simeon from Bulgaria initiated Gays and Lesbians Accepted in Society – GLAS Foundation, together with other activists. They launched an awareness-raising campaign to combat homophobic attitudes.

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