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Through Gay Eyes (2013)

Director: Connor Crosby
Writers: Connor Crosby
Genre: Documentary
Country:  USA
Language: English
Duration: 33 min
Year: 2013

“Through Gay Eyes” is a film project that gives a voice — a veritable revelation — to the embedded furtive lifestyle of gays.  This documentary film will encompass personal stories that tap every realm of life and social context.  ”Through Gay Eyes” extends beyond “coming out” stories and delivers a profound realization that there still exists a silent and stifling vein in our society.  Gay partners, parents and individuals tell their stories and rip the veil – emblazoning a promise toward our perpetual path of the Civil Rights Movement.  “Through Gay Eyes” wrestles with poignant and consuming questions that affect every member of society — bringing forth the invisible into a tangible piece of reality.




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