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Un Mostro Chiamato Ignoranza (2014)
eng. A Monster Called Ignorance


Director: Alessandro Antonaci
Writer: Alessandro Antonaci
Genre: Short movie
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Duration: 24 min
Year: 2014


Stars: Daniel Lascar, Luca Buongiorno, Chiara Moscatello, Gioa Orlando, Mattia Antonaci, Andrea Zirio, Roberto Pitta, Vanina Bianco, Simone Sarzanoo




Elia is a 20 years old boy who decides to tell the story about his family in front of a camera. A long flashback shows us how 2 years old Elia was loved by his wonderful parents, Roberto and Marco, and their best friend, ‘aunt Sara’. The movie is not set in a specific place or time and shows how beautiful and genuine a LGBT family can be. But ignorance will come in their lives and destroy their happiness. Marco will be taught a very important lesson about how essential facing hate and discrimination is and he will fight every day against that ‘monster called homophobia’, that still causes attacks, murders, suicides and many more injustices.




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