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Utopies (2012)

Director: Manfred Rott
Writers: Jamal Belhami, Manfred Rott
Genre: Short Movie
Country:  France
Language: French
Duration: 20 min
Year: 2012

Stars: Pierre Elliott, Lowell Johnson, Romain Poli

Two young French men from different social backgrounds spend time together to know each other. They explore the suburbs around Paris and visit vacated utopian architectural projects built in an era when a better future for all was still the goal of society. Inspired, they hope for their own personal utopia where they are free to love each other. Subtitled. 21 minutes. Selected and primed at numerous European gay and lesbian film festivals.

Prix de Meilleur Court métrage:
BEST SHORT FILM at 5th Festival de Cine Gai y Lésbicu des Asturies – dec 2011
BEST SHORT FILM at Sicilia Queer Filmfest, Palermo, Italy – june 2012

Other Festival selections:
Outfest Peru, Lima, Peru
Zinegoak, Bilbao, Spain
Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, USA
Chéries-Chéris, Paris, France
Gay Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Qfest, Philadelphia, United States
Pink Apple Film Festival, Zurich
GLBT Festival, Torino, Italy
Fantasporto, Porto, Portugal

Utopies (2012)
  • Director: Manfred Rott
  • Writers:
    Jamal Belhami
    Manfred Rott
  • Genres:Short, Romance
  • Runtime:22 minutes
  • Actors:
    Pierre Elliott
    Lowell Johnson
    Romain Poli
  • Plot:

    Thomas is suspected to be gay, and mobbed by youngsters in his poor neighborhood. He meets Julien, from a different social background via Internet, in search of a different experience. They discover the suburbs around Paris, utopian architectural projects from times where a better future for all was still an aim of society. These discoveries will nourish their own personal utopia

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Also known as: Utopia (World-wide - English title),




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