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West Hollywood Motel (2013)


Director: Matt Riddlehoover
Writers: Matt Riddlehoover, Ethan James
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 78 min


Stars: Matt Riddlehoover, Andrew Matarazzo, Amy Kelly, Phil Leirness





Director Matt Riddlehoover doesn’t mind tweaking your expectations—delivering plenty of eye candy while he tries to deliver a message. In his last film, Scenes from a Gay Marriage, he included plenty of skin but also charming wit. Now he’s back with a new sexy comedy that takes place in the various rooms of, as the title suggets, a West Hollywood Motel.

According to a press release, the characters include a medical student (Riddlehoover), his extrovert boyfriend (Andrew Callahan), an adulterous actress (Starina Johnson), her lover (Heather Horton), and a dutiful husband (Phil Leirness) whose wife (Amy Kelly) wakes to find she has a penis. It also  co-stars Jared Allman (Scenes from a Gay Marriage), Cesar D’ La Torre (Logo’s DTLA), Ben Phen (Interior. Leather Bar.), and newcomer Alec Houston Bell. While many people seem to be leaning toward the moody gay dramas about failed romances these days, there should still be room for these silly comedies about sex, love, and more.

Check out the naughty trailer below for a taste:

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West Hollywood Motel (2013)

  • Runtime:78 minutes

  • Actors:
    Matt Riddlehoover
    Alex (as Andrew Callahan)
    Andrew Matarazzo
    Isabelle / Margaret / Pervert
    Amy Kelly
    Phil Leirness
    Cesar D’ La Torre
    Starina Johnson
    Heather Horton
    Loud Guy Next Door
    Ben Phen
    Luis Lucas
    Anna Sondall

  • Plot:

    Various lives intersect in and around a West Hollywood motel in this kaleidoscopic comedy about sex, love, and the meaning of life.

    Written by

  • Rating: (206 votes)




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