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Good Boys (2005)
Yeladim Tovim (original title)

Director: Yair Hochner
Writers: Yair Hochner
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Country:  Israel
Language: English, Hebrew
Duration: 75 min
Year: 2005

Stars: Daniel Efrat Yuval Raz Nili Tzerruya Ori Urian

Nakon Yossi & Jagger, Walk on the water i The Bubble ovo je četvrti Israelski film koji sam odgledao. Sudeći po ovome što sam vidio mogu reći da iz Israelske produkcijeske kuhinje možemo naći dosta kvalitetnih filmova.

Yeladim Tovim (2005) je film u kojem je prikazana životna priča dva sedamnaestogodišnjaka koji osim sve što vole mladi za život zarađuju baveći se prostitucijom. Možemo videti sve kro šta prolaze prostitutke, a u ovom slučaju gay prostitutke.
Film je lagan za gledanje ako izuzmemo par mučnih scena izrazitog nasilja nad mladićima. Svakako ako imate vremena pogledajte ovaj film i učiniće vam se kako imate zaista sjajan život u usporebi sa glavnim likovima u filmu.
Film ima nekako nedorečen završetak, očekivao sam nešto vedrije nakon gomile mučnih scena u filmu.

Seventeen-year-old Meni, who loves movies and music, hustles in Tel Aviv. So does Tal. One evening a voyeuristic john enlists the pair to have sex together. But the experience proves to be more than just a simple trick: it stirs up feelings between Meni and Tal, and they decide to meet again the next day. That day, however, could prove a challenge to get through. Stirring and sexy, with an undeniable emotional depth, Good Boys was written and directed by Yair Hochner, a high school film teacher and film critic for Israel’s “Seret” cinema website. His obsession with cinema permeates every frame, with nods to, and inspiration from, Godard, Gus Van Sant, John Cooper, and even John Waters (Meni’s adoptive mother is a transsexual prostitute, played with campy verve by Israeli diva Gila Goldstein). With Good Boys’ dedicated performances, strong scripting and sublime direction, Hochner may soon be sharing the same reputation with those greats. (Hebrew with English)

Yeladim Tovim (2005)
  • Runtime:75 minutes
  • Actors:
    Daniel Efrat
    A girl in the store
    Dana Balalti
    Client A
    Michael Hamel
    Yuval Raz
    Gila Goldstein
    Old Client
    Danni Lachman
    Mika (as Nili Tzerruya)
    Nili Tserruya
    Tal (Baby)
    Yuval Dushi
    Drug Dealer
    Idan Bosian
    Ori Urian
  • Plot:

    17-year-old Meni wears only the most fashionable clothes, interested in music, loves the cinema and works as a rent boy. He had a baby from Mika, a young drug addict prostitute. He has an adoptive mother who is also a trans-gender prostitute and clients that contact him on his cell-phone. One night he meets Tal, also a hustler and they decide to spend the night together. During that night their lives get a new meaning, but can the little hope change the life they are used to from early age? In the morning they decide to meet later at the club. Until the awaited meeting, both of them will have to deal with their weary routine of clients, marginalized people and unexpected events.

    - Written by Izik
  • Also known as: Good Boys (USA (DVD title)), Good Boys (World-wide (English title)),
  • Rating: (168 votes)




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