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Gay short movies
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Home » Comedy » A Magnificent Haunting (2012)

A Magnificent Haunting (2012)

 “Magnifica presenza” (original title)


Director: Ferzan Ozpetek 
Writer: Ferzan Ozpetek, Federica Pontremoli
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
Country: Italy 
Language: Italian 
Duration: 105 min
Year: 2012


Site: Facebook



Stars: Elio Germano, Margherita Buy, Vittoria Puccini





Although it is a gay film, it does not focus on gay issue (love, cruelty of life, paradox of choices, etc.) but focuses on the normal life and thought of a human, his name is Pietro.   Pietro wants to be an actor, and endeavours to do all that he can to become one, but he just fails. When he has his own apartment and the upcoming dinner with his love, bitter truth reveals to the viewers what they do not know until then about Pietro, about the way he is obsessed with love. However, and also marvelously handling, the film immediately draws our attention to the other and also the biggest event in the film. Pietro meets ghosts. Little by little, Pietro finds way to understand the existence of the ghosts.


Also, bit by bit does he learn from those “artist” ghosts who were actors and actresses at their time. Will luck smile on Pietro? Viewers will decide for themselves when Pietro continuously “loses” the expected and “gets” the unexpected during his encounters in life.   At the end of the film, truth reveals about the death of the actors and actress, the reason why they become ghosts.


Again, tenderly tackling, the film draws our attention to the emotions and actions of Pietro when viewers observe his eyes when he watches another man who is his neighbor and also with those eyes at the final stage do viewers understand now there are things more important than just falling in love and living for oneself. The happy life is a life which gives away happiness to others’, and the meaningful life is the life which is not born with meaningful things but has to create meanings for itself.


Intelligent comedy with meanings, up and down contexts with purposes, real drama with truthful emotions and feelings, the film combines and diverts things into a tasty soup. Viewers’ role is to sip it slowly and tenderly…




Magnifica presenza (2012)

  • Runtime:105 minutes

  • Actors:

    Elio Germano

    Lea Marni
    Margherita Buy

    Beatrice Marni
    Vittoria Puccini

    Filippo Apollonio (as Giuseppe Fiorello)
    Beppe Fiorello

    Paola Minaccioni

    Yusuf Antep
    Cem Yilmaz

    Luca Veroli
    Andrea Bosca

    Elena Masci
    Claudia Potenza

    Ambrogio Dardini
    Ambrogio Maestri

    Matteo Savino

  • Plot:

    The only dream of Pietro is to become a famous actor. 28 year-old Pietro is so obsessed with becoming an actor that he does not mind trying every single way. He comes Rome and starts to work in a bakery. Also, at the same time, he tries to be an actor. At first, he stays with his cousin, Maria , but then he rents a house. Nevertheless, in a short time, something weird happens at the house. As if the furniture moves by itself. Then he realizes that the house was haunted by some ghosts, so with it, the adventure itself begins.

    Written by
    Umut Bulurlar

  • Also known as: Titokzatos társulat (Hungary), Присутствие великолепия (Russia), Sahane Misafir (Turkey – Turkish title), Magnífica presencia (Venezuela), A Magnificent Haunting (World-wide – English title), Magnificent Presence (World-wide – English title, informal literal title),

  • Rating: (3,303 votes)

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