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Gay short movies
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Forces (2016): A Timeless Exploration of the Human Spirit

Forces (2016): A Timeless Exploration of the Human Spirit

FORCES is a short film that captures the intense bromance between a straight military guy and a gay football player ...
Fabiu (2020): A Tender Exploration of Aging, Love, and Self-Discovery

Fabiu (2020): A Tender Exploration of Aging, Love, and Self-Discovery

80-year-old retiree Arthur lives in a modest council home in Vienna. For quite some time he has lovingly been caring ...
Lines (2019): A Heartfelt Exploration of Relationships between Father and Son

Lines (2019): A Heartfelt Exploration of Relationships between Father and Son

Andrei is a thriving painter whose father, Jun, isn't in full support of his passion. Their lives take a turn ...
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Home ยป Romance ยป Before the Fall (2016) gay romance by Byrum Geisler – Trailer

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An arrogant attorney unknowingly insults a factory worker. This becomes a significant problem when he later falls in love with him.

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Before the Fall (2016)

92 min|Comedy, Drama, Romance|30 May 2017
5.9Rating: 5.9 / 10 from 552 usersMetascore: N/A
A re-imagining of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” set in modern day, rural Virginia with Elizabeth Bennet as a man. Ben Bennet is an affluent but seemingly arrogant attorney who unknowingly insults Lee Darcy, a detached factory worker wrongly charged with domestic abuse. Both men form an immediate dislike for each other which becomes a significant problem when Ben falls in love with Lee.

It’s a classic case of opposite attraction: Handsome Ben Bennet (Ethan Sharrett) is a gay, affluent, stylish attorney at the top of the genteel social set in southern Virginia, while Lee Darcy (Chase Conner) is a rough-hewn welder with a secret that he nightly tries to blot out with an excess of liquor. When Lee roughs up his girlfriend and is charged with domestic abuse, he overhears a derogatory comment made about him in court by Ben. Soon after, the men inadvertently come face to face and, surprisingly, find common ground when hiking with a group of friends in the gorgeous nearby wooded ridges. A quiet friendship slowly forms that is complicated when Ben discovers that he has a secret of his own – he has fallen in love with Lee. Byrum Geisler’s cinematically gorgeous directorial debut is a modern day variation on Jane Austen’s classic novel “Pride and Prejudice,” re-imagined as a heartfelt, deeply satisfying gay romance.


“Before The Fall” (2016) is a creative reimagining of Jane Austen’s beloved classic, “Pride and Prejudice,” with a modern twist that explores themes of love, prejudice, and self-discovery in a new light. While the film brings fresh elements to the table, it also faces challenges in adapting a timeless story for a contemporary audience.

The film introduces us to Ben Bennett (Ethan Sharrett), a successful lawyer in a quiet Virginia town. Ben is a charismatic, lovelorn individual who navigates his way through life with his circle of friends. His world takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Lee Darcy (Chase Conner), a rugged welder who has been wrongly accused of domestic abuse. Their initial encounter is marked by misunderstanding and tension, setting the stage for a complex and evolving relationship.

One of the film’s most notable departures from Austen’s original work is its choice to reconfigure Elizabeth Bennet into Ben Bennett, making this adaptation a gay romance. This change offers a unique perspective on the classic story, exploring issues related to homophobia and self-identity. It’s a commendable effort to breathe new life into a familiar narrative, highlighting the universality of love and the challenges of societal prejudices.

The setting of Abingdon, Virginia, adds a picturesque backdrop to the unfolding drama, and the film takes advantage of its beautiful location, capturing the essence of rural life. However, the film does face some challenges in maintaining the same level of wit and charm found in Austen’s work. The character transformations and plot deviations may leave some viewers feeling that the chemistry and dynamics between the leads are not as compelling as in the original story.

“Before The Fall” excises several characters and plot elements from Austen’s novel, which alters the overall narrative structure. While some of these changes work well in the context of the film, others feel forced or underdeveloped. The legal subplot, which becomes a central focus, introduces low-stakes drama that does not fully engage the audience.

One of the film’s strengths lies in its portrayal of Lee Darcy’s inner struggle with his sexuality. Chase Conner delivers a convincing performance, bringing depth to his character’s journey of self-discovery. This aspect of the film is both heartfelt and thought-provoking, offering a meaningful exploration of identity and acceptance.

In conclusion, “Before The Fall” deserves recognition for its attempt to reinvent a classic story and tackle important themes related to love and prejudice in a contemporary context. While it may not achieve the same level of wit and chemistry as the source material, it offers a fresh perspective and moments of emotional depth. It’s a film that, despite its flaws, provides an intriguing reimagining of a beloved classic.

Overall, “Before The Fall” is a worthwhile watch for those interested in adaptations that challenge the boundaries of traditional storytelling, and it offers a reminder that love and acceptance can transcend societal prejudices.

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