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Home » Fantasy » Brookton Hollow (2010)


Director: Joshua Smith
Year: 2010
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English


Brookton Hollow je kratki film američkog režisera Joshua Smitha, koji nam je ipričao malu bajku o dječaku Kajlu koji je odrastao na farmi sa ocem.
Bez prijatelja, susjeda ili bilo koje čovjeka u blizini Kajlov jedini prijatelj je bila krava po imenu Willis.
I kao u svakoj bajci jedne noči Kajl se uputio u obližnju šumu i tamo sreoo jednog dječaka koji je na sebi imao jedino zvono.

Pričaj je kratka pa je možete odgledati do kraja. Jedina zamjerka je što nisu ovom dječaku iz šume skinuli one nesretne minđuše. Ovako izgleda smješno.


vlc00010A young man named Kyle and his father live on a small farm called Brookton Hollow. They live in a simple world with no neighbors or friends that come to visit. Kyle’s dad cares for nothing in life except for the tobacco in his pipe and meat patties that he fries on an old cast iron skillet.
They have only one animal, a cow named Willis. Every morning Kyle’s roams the pasture looking for Willis, who wears a weathered cowbell from his neck that makes an eerie ring when he walks or when the wind blows especially hard. Kyle enjoys nothing more that to sit and look into the cows dark eyes and listen to the soothing sounds of his constant chewing. Never having had a friend to talk to, Kyle shares his thoughts and dreams with Willis while brushing away the flies from his hair.
One morning at breakfast the father announces that their meat supply has come to an end, and he will have to kill the cow. Kyle sits frozen listening to his father, then in a fit of rage leaves the table, leaving his father sitting silent with grease still wet on his lips.
That night, Kyle is awakened by a gust of wind that blows out his bedroom candle. Sitting up in bed, he hears Willis’ cowbell off in the distance. Curious, he follows the sound deep into the forest. Sitting high on a rock and lit by the moon, he finds a boy whistling at him and wearing nothing but a small cowbell around his neck. The boy smiles, then jumps and runs off into the forest. Kyle follows, and they end up in a small cave where the boy sits down and holds Kyle’s hand. Kyle begins to touch the bell, but the morning sun streams across the forest floor which frightens the boy. He jumps and runs off into the morning mist, leaving Kyle alone and with a strange yet wonderful new feeling in his heart.
vlc00013Later that morning while Kyle is rubbing Willis neck, he begins to notice an odd similarity between his cow and the boy. He anxiously awaits the night, curious if somehow this boy could be related to his cow.
Walking through the forest with a gas lit lantern, Kyle finds the boy near a stream covered in fog. The boy smiles and takes Kyles arm, leading him to a tree where they lay down in silence. Kyle reaches over and holds the bell, then stares closely into the boys eyes. There is no mistaking the resemblance to his pet cow. The boy looks back and begins to speak, telling of a curse placed on him which turns him into a cow with the start of each new day. It is only at night that he is free to roam as a boy. He tells Kyle that only true love can break the curse and make him fully human again.
The boy rests his head on Kyles chest, thick mist engulfing their bodies.
With the sun shining high above the clouds, Kyle wakes up to his father standing over him with a knife in one hand and a rope tied to their cow in the other. The father leads the cow towards their cabin with Kyle following slowly behind, small tears falling from his eyes.
The father ties the cow to an old post as Kyle watches silently, his mind racing for a way to save his friend.
As the father raises his knife, Kyle jumps forward in an act of love and pushes his fathers arm aside, knocking the knife to the ground. A blast of light bursts from the cow, and as the fathers vision comes back into focus he stares past Kyle with a look of pure shock. Where once stood a cow, a naked boy reaches for the sky, his arms spreading towards the daylight sun. Kyle turns around and holds his friend tightly. Together they hold hands and run far off into the pasture, leaving the father standing stunned and speechless. The boys found a safe home far from the father deep in the forest, for the curse was forever broken on the farm Brookton Hollow.


Brookton Hollow (2010)
  • Runtime:11 minutes
  • Actors:
    Vonn Scott Bair
    Willis Bigelow
    Christopher Hills
    Narrator (voice)
    Greg Lucey
  • Rating: (34 votes)

Brookton Hollow from Joshua Smith on Vimeo.

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