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Chords (2020)

Chords (Acordes) (2020): A Reflection on Hidden Loves and Late Discoveries

Bernardo, an elderly Art History teacher who has recently retired and is mourning the loss of his wife, Cecilia, unexpectedly encounters Víctor, a piano player from his past. The two haven't seen each other in nearly 40 years, rekindling a deep, possibly romantic connection as they navigate the complexities of their reunion.

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Bortom (2014)

Eva and David have a complicated mother-son relationship. They try to reach each other but do not quite know how. One problem is the language barrier, as David is deaf and Eva is not very good at sign language. Eva has moved back to her country of birth and comes to Sweden on a short visit.

An Unusual Affair (2002)

A straight teacher, married with two kids, falls head over heels for a new male colleague. They begin the titular unusual affair.
Director: Maris Pfeiffer

Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! c

Every Friday night Shirley invites another “perfect” woman for Shabbat dinner in hopes that her son, Nelson, will marry a nice Jewish girl. Nelson, however, has something to tell them…he’s gay.
Director: Evgeny Afineevsky

They (2017)

Fourteen-year-old J goes by the pronoun ‘They’ and lives with their parents in the suburbs of Chicago. J is exploring their gender identity while taking hormone blockers to postpone puberty. After two years of medication and therapy, J has to make a decision whether or not to transition. Over this crucial weekend while their parents are away, J’s sister Lauren and her maybe/maybe-not Iranian partner Araz arrive to take care of ‘They.’


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