Borderless (2022)

Borderless (2022)

Following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, a boy named Denys is forced to leave his country. He has nothing left but the hope of seeing Dmitrii, a young recruit of the Russian army.

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Gay Salomé

Gay Salomé (1980) by Michele Massimo Tarantini

In Rome’s notorious gay club, the Alibi, men date, love and quarrel. Meanwhile, on stage, the classic drama of Salomé is played but with surprising variations, In the end, a clown goes out through the city’s streets saying a monologue that explains it all, while satirizing the bourgeoisie.

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Tell No One 2012

Tell No One (2012) – a gay comedy by Ivan Silvestrini

Matthia is about to move to Madrid to be with his boyfriend Eduard, so he won’t have to reveal to the family of being gay. Eduard, however, is convinced that their marriage has the blessing of all family members. On the day before Matthia leaves for Spain, Eduard announces his arrival in Rome to meet the in-laws. Matthia must now choose whether to finally come clean with his companion, or confess to being a formidable liar.
Director: Ivan Silvestrini

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StandBy: l’attesa (2018) by Giorgio Volpe

Every six months – when anxiety allows him some respite – Filippo goes to the hospital and has his now familiar HIV test. During one of those mornings spent in the waiting room, his eyes furtively meet those of another boy, Simone. While they are waiting for their turn, they keep glancing at each other. It looks like there is a great chemistry between them, and that chemistry slowly turns into a relationship.

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Glue (2016) Short film by Renato Muro

Glue (2016) Short film by Renato Muro – Trailer

Two boys, one nineteen, the other thirteen, spend 24 hours together, wandering around the island of Procida. One has just had a bad break-up with his boyfriend. The other is fascinated by the older boy’s bold behaviour. A poetic initiation to adulthood and to freedom, with the help of a good fairy…
Director: Renato Muro

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!