Rotting in the Sun (2023)

Rotting in the Sun (2023): A Darkly Irreverent Dive into Instagay Meta-Mystery – Trailer

‘Rotting in the Sun’ follows the collaboration between a depressed Sebastián Silva and lively Jordan Firstman, unraveling mysteries and critiquing societal norms in a darkly humorous exploration of sex, death, and Instagram culture. Explicit content and unexpected plot twists redefine the narrative dynamics, leaving viewers questioning who truly commands the spotlight.
Directed by Sebastián Silva

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Bramadero (2007) by Julián Hernández

Bramadero (2007) by Julián Hernández – Trailer

The beautiful and erotic Bramadero finds Hassen and Jonás on the outskirts of Mexico City. Away from it all, they’ve found a spot where they can seduce one another and merge nto one; where sex becomes desire, desire becomes love, and only death will separate them.
Director: Julián Hernández
Stars: Sergio Almazán, Cristhian Rodríguez

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Trémulo (2015) by Roberto Fiesco

Trémulo (2015) by Roberto Fiesco

Carlos sweeps and mops the floor of an old-time barbershop. The day before Independence Day, among the customers is Julio. Their eyes meet, and when the barbershop closes Julio comes back for Carlos. They spend the night together, eating, chatting and even dancing, knowing full well that this encounter will be brief and short-lived.

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Trio Amoroso (2019) by Axel Barranco

Trio Amoroso

Trio Amoroso (2019)
Director/Writer: Axel Barranco
Stars: Jovanaa Andrade, Yair Meija, Mauricio Orendain

It’s so crazy what some people is willing to do to get what they want.

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Con lugar ( Host Only) Web Series 2017

Con Lugar ( Host Only) Web Series 2017

Con Lugar (Host Only), follows Aaron, a 20-something country guy coming to the big city to find love and adventure in one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the world, Mexico City. The first season has eight episodes, and a second season is already being filmed on location in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. (This show has English subtitles.)

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Gloria (2015) shortfilm by Luis Hernández de la Pena

Gloria (2015)

Amidst the complex Mexico City, a man drives a public transport bus during daytime and works the night shift impersonating Mexican songstresses in a drag cabaret.
Director: Luis Hernández de la Peña

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!