Rotting in the Sun (2023)

Rotting in the Sun (2023): A Darkly Irreverent Dive into Instagay Meta-Mystery – Trailer

‘Rotting in the Sun’ follows the collaboration between a depressed Sebastián Silva and lively Jordan Firstman, unraveling mysteries and critiquing societal norms in a darkly humorous exploration of sex, death, and Instagram culture. Explicit content and unexpected plot twists redefine the narrative dynamics, leaving viewers questioning who truly commands the spotlight.
Directed by Sebastián Silva

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Ethan Mao (2004) - a film by Quentin Lee

Ethan Mao (2004) – a film by Quentin Lee

A young gay hustler impulsively holds his family hostage in Quentin Lee’s third and least accomplished film, “Ethan Mao,” which, like its anti-hero, never quite knows which way to go once things get started. A sure item at gay and Asian-American fests, “Mao” will require ultra-careful handling to take residence in theatrical homes.
Director: Quentin Lee

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The Year I Lost My Mind (2017)

The Year I Lost My Mind (2017) by Tor Iben – Trailer

From prolific director Tor Iben comes a new thriller about a lonely young man who becomes dangerously obsessed with a stranger. After encountering him during a burglary, Tom begins stalking and antagonizing the attractive young Lars. When Lars finds out about Tom’s intentions, he manages to turn the tables on him, leading to a shocking confrontation.

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!