Great Freedom 2021

Great Freedom (2021): A Stirring German Prison Drama

“Great Freedom” delves into the life of Hans Hoffman, a gay man subjected to repeated imprisonment under Paragraph 175. The film unfolds with subtlety, weaving together personal and political narratives against the backdrop of the prison system. Through Hans’s experiences and relationships, the film offers a poignant exploration of resilience, intimacy, and survival.

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Regular Guys (1996)

Echte Kerle (1996) – Regular Guys: A German Romantic Comedy with a Twist

Christoph, cop and self-confident macho, has trouble with his fiance. After a long night he wakes up in the arms of Edgar, a good-looking, gay auto-mechanic. His live gets more and more troublesome after his girl friend throws him out of their apartment and as last resort he moves to Edgars place. Working together with a new, good-looking, very self-confident, female collegue, but living with a good-looking gay guy makes him pretty uncertain about his sexuality and his role as a cop.

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!