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Gay short movies
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Last updated on 09 March 2012

Daddy and the Muscle Academy (1991)

Imali i jednog pedera koji nije čuo za Tom of Finland? Njegove slike se danas mogu naći u gotovo svakom gay časopisu, gay publikaciji, na internetu…
U čemu je tajna njegove slave. Gledajući ovaj film shvatićete.
O čemu maštate dok drkate? Imate li kakvih seksualnih maštarija o kojim nebi razgovarali sa svojim dečkom, partnerom ili društvom?
Naravno da imate! Tom of Finland ( Touko Laaksonen ) nam u svojim slikama predočava upravo to! Predimenzionirane želje, prljavu maštu, pornografsku napaljenost, perverzije….
Jeste li kada naleteli na nekog drvosiječu u šumi koji vas je pogledao onako opasno, sa željom da vas posjeduje? Onako znojav vas je zgrabio svojim ogromnim ručardama, strgnuo odjeću sa vas i natjerao da mu popušite ogromnu kurčinu i na kraju vas je silovao dok ste vrištali i zvali u pomoć!
Znam da su mnogi od vas to doživjeli – naravno u mašti. A ako ne onda ste se našli u ulozi zatvorskog čuvara koji je izjebao nekog zgodnog zatvorenika. U najblažem slučaju ste imali ludački sex sa kapetanom u vojsci.
Da ne nabrajam dalje, gay mašta nema granica. Otuda na hiljade slika ovog umjetnika pale maštu miliona ljudi.
Sam Tom of Finland za svoj rad kaže: Smatram da su moj rad pornografija. Pornografija znači stimulisanje ljudskih seksualnih osjećaja i toga sam uvjek bio svjestan. Moji motivi su manje od umjetnosti.
Njegove slike možete pogledati OVDIJE

Director: Ilppo Pohjola
Writer: Ilppo Pohjola (writer)
Release Date:
8 October 1991 (Finland)
Genre: Documentary

Plot Keywords:
Homosexual | Gay Interest | Artist | Leather

(Credited cast)
Tom of Finland … Himself

Additional Details
Also Known As:
Daddy and the Muscle Academy: A Documentary on the Art, Life, and Times of Tom of Finland (Finland) (complete title)

Runtime: Finland:58 min | USA:55 min | Canada:55 min
Country: Finland
Language: English | Finnish

The film gives voice to the life and creative impulse of the gay erotic artist known across the gay world as ‘Tom of Finland’. Essentially an interview documentary with some very brief ‘enactments’ inspired by Tom’s artwork, this is a long way from fetish pornography but is thought-provoking nonetheless.

Tom describes his early life in the Finnish army, in mundane jobs and, matter-of-factly, how he became inspired to put onto paper his exagerrated masculine fantasies of men in leather, uniforms and workwear.

Most of the interview is shot in the stillness of Tom’s apartment/studio, with the film broken into segments centering on themes of his work: depiction of black men and women, technique, use of models and leather as his muse: “I put on a special outfit”, he explains, “if I need to be inspired”.

The subject is fascinating and likeable, even if the film-making is a little dry in tone. When it comes to the extremely short ‘enactment’ sessions, featuring shadowy, muscular figures in leather and SM play, there is none of the boldness and exuberance that the drawings, in comparison convey, even as static images.

Putting its arthouse stylistic shortcomings aside, the film is a precious document of this influential artist who died a few years after it was made. The brief commentaries from friend and critics point out just how deeply Tom’s fantasies have become the primers for the post-war emergent gay subcultures of Leather/SM, with all their knock-on influence on wider cultural consciousness. While outsiders may not relate to Tom’s proclivities, they will be moved by his integrity and skill in realising his fantasies.

Alongside Tove Jansson, the creator of the the Moomin characters, Tom of Finland is the most internationally renowned Finnish graphic artist, but in Finland remained mostly unknown outside the gay subculture during his life.

The exhibitions organised after his death gave him wider audience. Because his art dealt with erotic and even pronographic subject material, Tom did not receive recognition for his work from the Finnish society during his career. As an artist, it is fair to say that Tom of Finland’s work was labelled pronographic much in the same way as Andy Warhol’s work was labelled commercial.

Tom himself was very plain about his work. “Yes, I consider my work pornography. Pornography means to stimulate peoples’ sexual feelings, and I’m always very aware of that. My motive is lower than art.”

Still Tom’s influence to the gay subculture and eventually to the mainstream culture through the popular adoption of SM and fetish imagery, should not be underestimated.
Even more important than that, Tom’s life’s work offered a new strong gay identity and a positive role model for growing gay men – his characters were not effeminate gigglers or sad weaklins but muscular, butch and full of humour and happiness.

Tom of Finland’s real name was Touko Laaksonen. He was born on 8 May 1920, on the south coast of Finland. Tom died in November 7th, 1991.

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