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Gay short movies
Sugar Orange (2004): A Tale of Friendship, Love, and Loss

Sugar Orange (2004): A Tale of Friendship, Love, and Loss

A young love in the shadow of an old friendship, that was not meant to be love. Director: Andreas Struck ...
G.B.F. (2013): A Refreshing Take on Teen Comedy

G.B.F. (2013): A Refreshing Take on Teen Comedy

Set against the backdrop of high school cliques and the quest for acceptance, "G.B.F." explores the journey of Tanner and ...
Great Freedom (2021): A Stirring German Prison Drama

Great Freedom (2021): A Stirring German Prison Drama

"Great Freedom" delves into the life of Hans Hoffman, a gay man subjected to repeated imprisonment under Paragraph 175. The ...
La frontière (2022) by Vincent Côte

La frontière (2022) by Vincent Côte

Oliver and Chris, a couple in crisis, meet another couple, Tommy and Greta who offer them to stay in the ...
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Home » Drama » Devil’s Path (2018): A Gripping LGBTQ Horror Thriller

In the eerie depths of Devil's Path, a secluded wilderness park known for male-on-male cruising, a sinister mystery unfolds. Two strangers, Noah and Patrick, find themselves thrust into a deadly game of survival as they flee from unknown pursuers. With recent disappearances plaguing the area, paranoia runs rampant as they grapple with their own secrets and suspicions.

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Devil's Path (2018)
87 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | 05 March 2019
4.7Rating: 4.7/10 from 724 users
Set in the early 1990s, "Devil's Path" follows Noah, a timid individual carrying a deck of Tarot cards, and Patrick, a cynical and nonchalant man seeking casual encounters. Their chance meeting on Devil's Path takes a dark turn when Noah is attacked, forcing them to band together and flee deeper into the woods. As day turns to night, tensions rise, and the true nature of their pursuers becomes increasingly unclear. With danger lurking in every shadow, Noah and Patrick must confront their own fears and trust issues to survive.



“Devil’s Path” emerges as a refreshing addition to the horror genre, offering a compelling narrative intertwined with LGBTQ representation. Directed by Matthew Montgomery, this film navigates the complexities of fear and suspicion in a remote wilderness park known for male-on-male cruising.

The plot revolves around two strangers, Noah (played by Stephen Twardokus) and Patrick (portrayed by JD Scalzo), whose chance encounter escalates into a fight for survival when Noah is attacked. As they flee deeper into the woods, pursued by unknown assailants, the tension mounts, and suspicions arise.

Montgomery’s directorial debut showcases impressive performances from the cast, particularly Twardokus and Scalzo, who deliver nuanced portrayals of their characters. The film’s atmospheric cinematography captures the eerie beauty of the wilderness, adding to the sense of isolation and foreboding.

While “Devil’s Path” may falter in pacing at times, its gripping plot and thought-provoking themes keep audiences engaged until the chilling conclusion. The revelation of the central mystery may not be entirely surprising, but the journey towards it is filled with twists and turns that will leave viewers guessing until the very end.

Overall, “Devil’s Path” stands as a commendable exploration of LGBTQ representation in horror cinema, challenging traditional genre conventions and offering a captivating viewing experience for audiences seeking a blend of suspense and social commentary.

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