Connor & Jayden (2022)

Connor & Jayden (2022): A Love Story Beyond Boundaries

Extremely popular high school star football player Connor Tucker has a life-changing day at school when, because of a broken leg, he signs up for a cooking class and meets school outcast Jayden Sansbury. The two high school boys are from different sides of popularity and form a fast friendship, which sparks a journey of self-discovery.
Directed by Jerome Elston Scott

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Love Bites (1992)

Love Bites (1992) – a gay film by Marvin Jones

Jake Hunter is a young man who seeks to rid the world of vampires. Hearing reports of activity near him, Jake encounters the mysterious Count Damien Sanders, a dashing bloodsucker who immediately falls for him. As Jake teams up with a catty sex worker to take out the Count, he has to contend with his own growing feelings.
Directed by Marvin Jones

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Closet Space (2013)

Closet Space (2013) – LGBT TV Show

Jake, a teen evangelical, is questioning his sexuality in an intensely conservative household. Tara, 17, is a newly out, nonreligious lesbian navigating between her new life “out” in the world and her old life, still closeted to her family.
Created by Daniel Robison and Karisa Quick

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!