Closet Space (2013)

Closet Space (2013) – LGBT TV Show

Jake, a teen evangelical, is questioning his sexuality in an intensely conservative household. Tara, 17, is a newly out, nonreligious lesbian navigating between her new life “out” in the world and her old life, still closeted to her family.
Created by Daniel Robison and Karisa Quick

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Coffee House Chronicles - Zoom Date

Coffee House Chronicles – Zoom Date

Single gay man Dan (Nicholas Downs) was catfished in Season 1’s “Jail Bait” episode, but is back trying to online date during the pandemic, when even the date itself must be virtual. But can handsome, ultra-masculine Kyle (Kyle Sing) really be gay and interested in him, or is this some kind of prank?

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BlackJacks (2019)

BlackJacks (2019) EP 1.1, ‘PILOT’ | WEB SERIES

BlackJacks is a Neo-Noir fiction series that focuses on six strangers – Jane (Jackie Moore), Troy (Peter Hodge), Lee (Adrian Voo), Olivia (Nicole Badaan), Jose (Josh Valencia), and Drake (Steve Boyd); who are brought together under different circumstances by an underground subgroup, led by an unscrupulous priest (Eric Etebari).

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Zach & Dennis: How It All Began

Zach & Dennis: How It All Began

Zach and Dennis wake up in bed together after what seems like a one-night stand. A connection between the two begins, but what form will it take? As they get to know each other, their relationship could go many directions, and how will their friends react to their age difference?
Stars: Dennis Nollette, Zach DuFault, Luke Cook

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The Grass Is Always Grindr

The Grass Is Always Grindr 2

Handsome closeted boxer Adam and ‘loud and proud’ Insta-famous Joe struggle with their romance. In season 2 Adam tries to balance a HIV diagnosis against his upcoming fight, and PrEP-taking Joe ends up on the chillout scene. Francis has a fling with a twist, and Ryan confronts ghosts from the past.

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!