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Gay short movies
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Last updated on 09 January 2014

Head On (1998)

Head On je Australijski film, baziran na noveli “Loaded”  koju je napisao Christos Tsiolkas.
Mladi buntovni grk Alex Dimitriades, živeći u Melburnu sa svojom tradicionalističkom familijom suprostavlja se sa okolinom ne prihvatajući ni svoju seksualnost ni tradicionalne običaje porodice. Kroz ovog Grčko-Australijskog pastuva prikazana je sva kulturološka i seksualna zbrka koja nastane u jednom takvom tradicionalističkom okruženju.
Ari provodi dane sa svojim grčkim prijateljima, provodeći se od zabave do zabave, sklon drogama i piću.U pijanstvu svoju homoseksualnu želju ispunjava na undergound mjestima, prepunih pedera i tranvestita. Film eksplicitno prikazuje kako iza jednog restorana puši jednom glibavom beskućniku, pokušavajući da da izbaci nakupljeni bijes iz sebe. Kada napokon i nađe nekog sa kim bi mogao da upotpuni sebe, ne uspijeva dopustiti sebi da izađe iz stega tradicionalog grčkog vaspitanja.
Naprosto Ari je buntovnik sa razlogom!

Film definitivno nije lak za gledanje, što mu   nije mana jer izaziva oprečne emocije kod gledalaca. Mnogi će se pronaći u nekom dijelu ovog filma.



Head On is a 1998 Australian film directed by Ana Kokkinos. Based on the acclaimed novel Loaded written by Christos Tsiolkas, it stars Alex Dimitriades as a young gay man of Greek background, living in the inner city of Melbourne. The film gained notoriety upon its release for its sexual explicitness, including a full-frontal male masturbation scene performed by Dimitriades.

The nineteen-year-old Ari confronts both his sexuality and his Greek family. Ari despises his once-beloved parents, former radical activists, for having entombed themselves in insular tradition; Ari is obsessed with gay sex, though he does make a unenthusiastic attempt to satisfy the sister of one of his best friends. At the same time, he’s facing problems with his traditional Greek parents, who have no clue about his sexual activities…

A challenging hyper-erotic drama starring a major hunk, Alex Dimitriades.
Based on the book “Loaded” by Christos Tsiolkas, Ana Kokkinos, the Australian director of Only the Brave, has created a vivid portrait of a culturally and sexually confused youth in the person of Ari (brilliantly portrayed by Alex Dimitriades), a Greek-Australian hunk. The exciting drama centers on 24 hours in Ari’s life. A very closeted young man who lives with his traditionalist Greek family, the unemployed Ari spends his days with his fellow Greek friends (including a frustrated girlfriend), partying and taking drugs. And he releases his insatiable homosexual desires through quick public rest room and back alley encounters with a variety of beefy men shown explicitly in this sexually charged film. The clash of his straight world and his gay yearnings come to a head one evening when he meets and is attracted to a cute blond named Shawn and is reunited with his friend Tula (Paul Capsis), an extravagant drag queen determined to be herself even in front of her enraged family. An evening out with them both proves to be a pivotal moment in his life. With a pulsating soundtrack and vibrant visuals, Kokkinos takes us on an intimate, narcotic ride into Ari’s troubled world. A world where being gay means anonymous, secretive sex and where the pressures of conformity are dulled by denial and drugs.




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