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Gay short movies
Hit Astray (2023)

Hit Astray (2023)

An unexpected tragedy changes the trajectory of Santi's life, leaving him to struggle with his sense of reality and self-acceptance ...
An Angel Named Billy (2007): A Touch of Light: A Heartwarming LGBTQ+ Drama

An Angel Named Billy (2007): A Touch of Light: A Heartwarming LGBTQ+ Drama

Evicted from his home, a pleasant gay teen finds support and acceptance as a hired caregiver for a professional photographer's ...
Loev (2015): Exploring Love Beyond Conventions

Loev (2015): Exploring Love Beyond Conventions

A weekend trip between friends takes a sudden turn, making them each question what love is and what it means ...
Silent Youth (2012): A Film for Misfits, Dreamers, and Lovers

Silent Youth (2012): A Film for Misfits, Dreamers, and Lovers

In the enchanting streets of Berlin, Marlo and Kirill navigate the awkward silences and uncertainties that come with forming a ...
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Home » Drama » HerzHaft (2007)

HerzHaft (2007)

Director: M


artin Busker
Writer: Martin Busker
Genre: Short movie
Country: Germany
Language: German
Duration: 15 min

Stars: Tommaso Cacciapuoti, Ferdinand Hanisch, Johanna Niedermüller, Bettina Ernst

The film is about the soccer coach Ralf who comes up against a big problem this day. Torn between reason and longing he fell in love with Felix, a young boy of his soccer team. For several months they are having a secret and forbidden relationship which Ralf hardly can keep in the dark, because Felix likes to provoke him. Ralf’s dream bursts like a bubble when suddenly Felix’ mother appears at their ambush in an oldtimer hulk in the woods. She demands on him never to see the boy again, otherwise he has to face severe legal consequences. Ralf has to decide
between reason and love.


HerzHaft (2007)

  • Runtime:15 minutes

  • Actors:
    Tommaso Cacciapuoti
    Ferdinand Hanisch
    Frau Henning
    Johanna Niedermüller
    Bettina Ernst
    Tobias Münchinger
    Vater auf Sportplatz
    Jens Edelmann

  • Plot:

    Felix is secretly in love with Ralph. This doesn’t seem to be the biggest problem. But Felix is 15 and Ralph his 34 years old soccer coach. They meet every day in an ambush. One day Felix mother finds out and Ralph has to decide between feeling and reason.

    Written by
    Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

  • Also known as: Fylakisi kardias (Greece – festival title),

  • Rating: (103 votes)

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