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Gay short movies
Sugar Orange (2004): A Tale of Friendship, Love, and Loss

Sugar Orange (2004): A Tale of Friendship, Love, and Loss

A young love in the shadow of an old friendship, that was not meant to be love. Director: Andreas Struck ...
Devil's Path (2018): A Gripping LGBTQ Horror Thriller

Devil’s Path (2018): A Gripping LGBTQ Horror Thriller

Two men encounter each other on a dangerous gay cruising park trail, and quickly find themselves caught up in a ...
G.B.F. (2013): A Refreshing Take on Teen Comedy

G.B.F. (2013): A Refreshing Take on Teen Comedy

Set against the backdrop of high school cliques and the quest for acceptance, "G.B.F." explores the journey of Tanner and ...
Great Freedom (2021): A Stirring German Prison Drama

Great Freedom (2021): A Stirring German Prison Drama

"Great Freedom" delves into the life of Hans Hoffman, a gay man subjected to repeated imprisonment under Paragraph 175. The ...
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Home Β» Drama Β» Miles from Nowhere (2022) – A Candid Exploration of Friendship and Terminal Illness

Miles, facing the end of his life, extends an invitation to Victor and Sammy for a weekend retreat at his family's cabin. However, the reunion takes an unexpected turn when Victor and Sammy reveal they are in a romantic relationship, throwing Miles's plans into disarray. As old wounds resurface and secrets are unearthed, the friends must navigate the complexities of their relationships while coming to terms with their individual struggles.

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Miles from Nowhere (2022)
76 min | Drama | 26 April 2022
6.8Rating: 6.8/10 from 48 users
Miles, facing the end of his life, decides to bring his friends together for a weekend at his family's cabin. However, what starts as an opportunity for reconciliation takes an unexpected turn when Victor and Sammy reveal a romantic relationship. The revelation derails Miles' plan to share his terminal diagnosis, sparking a series of tense confrontations and unearthing old grievances. As the trio grapples with their complicated history, the film navigates the complexities of friendship, jealousy, and the impact of hidden truths.



In this candid exploration of friendship and terminal illness, Miles from Nowhere grapples with the complexities of relationships in the face of mortality. The film, though hindered by a very low budget and poorly lit scenes, breaks away from traditional stereotypes, presenting a gay drama that focuses on a young man’s battle with cancer rather than the more common narrative of AIDS-related themes. However, the attempt at authenticity falls short as the characters, particularly Miles and Victor, come across as unpleasant and poorly developed.

The script for Miles from Nowhere , penned by Alexander Baxter, Madison Hatfield, and director Jono Mitchell, reveals its flaws early on, with actors struggling to convey authenticity in their delivery. As the trio gathers at the cabin, the narrative takes a turn for the worse, with petty arguments and old grievances dominating the screen. The revelation of Victor and Sammy’s relationship is treated with an inexplicable weight, creating a dissonance with the central theme of Miles’ terminal diagnosis.

One notable deviation from the main plot involves two Airbnb guests who briefly enter the narrative, adding an element of unpredictability. However, this subplot is abruptly dropped, contributing little to character arcs or overall plot progression. The film’s saving grace lies in Shane Howell’s portrayal of Sammy, the seemingly more amiable friend, providing a brief respite from the otherwise unpleasant characters.

In essence, Miles from Nowhere falls victim to a poorly executed script that hampers the efforts of its actors. While not horrendously bad, the film struggles to engage viewers due to unlikable characters, unconvincing dialogue, and questionable plot choices. Despite its attempt to explore unique aspects of gay cinema, it ultimately leaves the audience with a forgettable experience.

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