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Gay short movies
The End of My World (2017): Pain of a Breakup in Kamil Krawczycki's Groundbreaking Polish Short Drama

The End of My World (2017): Pain of a Breakup in Kamil Krawczycki’s Groundbreaking Polish Short Drama

Filip is devastated when his long-term boyfriend Eryk abruptly leaves him, disappearing without a trace. Despite the support from friends ...
Engaged (2019): Romantic gay comedy by David Scala

Engaged (2019): Romantic gay comedy by David Scala

ll Darren wants is to propose to his longtime boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong? Director: David Scala ...
Two and One (2022): A Tale of Love and Desire

Two and One (2022): A Tale of Love and Desire

A gay couple realizes they aren't sexually compatible, so they look for a third man. But when betrayal and jealousy ...
The Man with the Answers (2021): A Romantic Road Trip of Rediscovery

The Man with the Answers (2021): A Romantic Road Trip of Rediscovery

A former Greek diving champion and an eccentric German student take an adventurous road-trip of rediscovery from Bari to Bavaria ...
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Home » Drama » ON MY WAY (2020): Unveiling a Hidden Bond

"ON MY WAY" delves into the clandestine world of Niels and Antoine, two Belgian men living a fragile secret relationship. Their carefully constructed facade is shattered when Dayo, a Nigerian migrant, unexpectedly enters their lives. As tensions rise and emotions run high, the characters are forced to confront their innermost fears and desires amidst the wintry Belgian countryside.

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On My Way (2020)
22 min | Drama, Short film | 29 May 2020
7.1Rating: 7.1/10 from 49 users
The unexpected arrival of a Nigerian migrant in the Belgian countryside shakes up the fragile daily life of two men living a secret relationship.



“On My Way” transcends the confines of a traditional gay narrative, offering a poignant exploration of love, identity, and resilience. Through exquisite cinematography and nuanced performances, the film captures the complexity of human relationships and the universal quest for authenticity. Dayo’s character, portrayed with warmth and sensitivity, symbolizes the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, while Niels and Antoine confront the internal struggles that threaten to suffocate their true selves. As the narrative unfolds against the backdrop of societal expectations and personal dilemmas, “On My Way” emerges as a compelling meditation on the power of love to transcend barriers and ignite the courage to embrace one’s true identity.

“On My Way” unfolds against the backdrop of the serene Belgian countryside, where the lives of two Belgian men, Niels and Antoine, intersect with that of Dayo, a Nigerian migrant. Niels and Antoine share a secret relationship, hidden beneath the facade of their everyday lives. However, their carefully constructed world is disrupted when Dayo unexpectedly arrives, seeking refuge and assistance.

Initially hesitant, Niels reluctantly allows Dayo to stay in his caravan, despite the risk of losing his job. As the days pass, tensions simmer between Niels, Antoine, and Dayo, each grappling with their own fears, desires, and societal expectations. Niels, torn between his commitment to Antoine and his growing affection for Dayo, navigates the complexities of love and identity.

Meanwhile, Dayo reveals the harrowing journey that led him to Belgium, shedding light on the challenges faced by migrants seeking asylum. His presence serves as a catalyst for introspection and self-discovery, prompting Niels and Antoine to confront their innermost truths.

As the narrative unfolds, “On My Way” explores themes of love, acceptance, and the pursuit of authenticity. Against the backdrop of winter’s chill, the characters embark on a journey of profound transformation, ultimately finding solace and connection amidst the uncertainty of their circumstances.

Through poignant moments of compassion and vulnerability, “On My Way” paints a vivid portrait of human resilience and the enduring power of hope in the face of adversity. As the film concludes, Niels, Antoine, and Dayo are left to navigate the uncertain paths ahead, forever changed by their shared experiences in the tranquil Belgian countryside.


Citizen’s Gaze Award – Mons International Film Festival, 2021
Bridging the Borders Award – Palm Springs ShortFest, 2021
Best Drama and Best Actor Awards – Flikkers Queer Film Fest, Birmingham, 2021
BeTV Award – Namur International Francophone Film Festival, 2021
Honorable Mention for Best Short Film – Outshine Miami, 2021

Nominated for Best Short Film – Pink Apple Film Festival, Zurich, 2021
Additionally, the film has been screened at numerous festivals around the world, including Bordeaux Total Screen Festival, Palm Springs ShortFest, Provincetown International Film Festival, and more.

These accolades and festival appearances speak to the film’s quality, impact, and relevance within the film community, highlighting its success in capturing audiences’ attention and critical acclaim.

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