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Gay short movies
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Share (Video 2011)
Salo (original title)


Director: Miko Jacinto
Writer: Miko Jacinto
Genre: Drama
Country: Philippines
Year: 2011
Duration: 95 min


Stars: Paolo Rivero, Kristoffer King and Anita Linda





Miko Jacinto’s “Salo” (Share) is a surprising work. Unlike most pink films, Jacinto engages and dives into his narrative – frame after frame – with hardly a spoken word. In fact, most of the spoken lines are left hanging, i.e. there’s hardly an exchange of words. This eventually creates semblance of mood and nuances. “Salo” also benefits from Romy Suzara’s beautifully composed scenes, giving the impression that this isn’t your hurried, shoddy, one-take production.

But there is a problem where narrative details are concerned. Perla Bautista’s character, for example, bewilders. She’s the coquettish “tita” who “barks” loudly, spewing lines like: “Bumangon ka na. Masaya ang mundo. Naalala mo pa ba, dati sabay tayong nanlalalaki?” You aren’t sure this was meant to be spoken by an elderly matron. In another scene (where she gazes at the driver washing the car), she said: “Type ko siya. Matrona ba, magaling ding maghugas.” When told that Levi’s spoken for, she replied: “Kahit gawin mo pa akong kerida, ok lang!” And as if to seal the real identity – or sexual preference – of the character: “Nakadami ka na ba?” Though I understand that her character was meant to stir vitality to an otherwise dour story, her character is a tad too uncouth to be believable. You only have to see how matronly she dresses to feel this incongruence to her peculiar manner of speaking.




Salo (2011)
  • Runtime:95 minutes
  • Actors:
    Paolo Rivero
    (as Kristofer King)
    Kristoffer King
    Anita Linda
    Perla Bautista
    Jeff Luna
  • Also known as: Share (World-wide (English title)),
  • Rating: (29 votes)
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