Rotting in the Sun (2023)

Rotting in the Sun (2023): A Darkly Irreverent Dive into Instagay Meta-Mystery – Trailer

‘Rotting in the Sun’ follows the collaboration between a depressed Sebastián Silva and lively Jordan Firstman, unraveling mysteries and critiquing societal norms in a darkly humorous exploration of sex, death, and Instagram culture. Explicit content and unexpected plot twists redefine the narrative dynamics, leaving viewers questioning who truly commands the spotlight.
Directed by Sebastián Silva

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Up on the Roof (2023

Up on the Roof (2023): LGBT short film by Timmy Thompson

Two boys are on a date late at night. As Zane works to loosen Otis up, Otis can’t help but feel something’s not quite right. STRANGERS is a three part short film anthology series created by students at the University of Michigan. Each film follows a different set of individuals who work to deal with the superficiality of their daily interactions. Subsequently, their inner demons come to light.
Directed by Timmy Thompson

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!