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Gay short movies
The End of My World (2017): Pain of a Breakup in Kamil Krawczycki's Groundbreaking Polish Short Drama

The End of My World (2017): Pain of a Breakup in Kamil Krawczycki’s Groundbreaking Polish Short Drama

Filip is devastated when his long-term boyfriend Eryk abruptly leaves him, disappearing without a trace. Despite the support from friends ...
Engaged (2019): Romantic gay comedy by David Scala

Engaged (2019): Romantic gay comedy by David Scala

ll Darren wants is to propose to his longtime boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong? Director: David Scala ...
Two and One (2022): A Tale of Love and Desire

Two and One (2022): A Tale of Love and Desire

A gay couple realizes they aren't sexually compatible, so they look for a third man. But when betrayal and jealousy ...
The Man with the Answers (2021): A Romantic Road Trip of Rediscovery

The Man with the Answers (2021): A Romantic Road Trip of Rediscovery

A former Greek diving champion and an eccentric German student take an adventurous road-trip of rediscovery from Bari to Bavaria ...
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Home » Drama » Wandering Heart (2021): Love, Loss, and Redemption in the Midst of Chaos

In "Wandering Heart," Santiago, portrayed by Leonardo Sbaraglia, leads a life of aimless indulgence, drifting from one sexual encounter to the next. However, his existence takes a tumultuous turn as his teenage daughter Laila, played by Miranda de la Serna, prepares to leave home. Santiago's fear of abandonment and unresolved emotions towards his ex-boyfriend Luis (Alberto Ajaka) propel him into a downward spiral, accompanied by the burden of caring for his ailing mother.

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Wandering Heart (2021)
112 min | Drama | 09 October 2021
6.5Rating: 6.5/10 from 643 users
Santiago, a single gay man, finds his life in turmoil following a bitter breakup with his ex-boyfriend Luis. With his teenage daughter Laila on the cusp of leaving home, Santiago's fear of loneliness drives him to a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior. As he grapples with his inner demons, Santiago embarks on a chaotic journey across Argentina and Brazil, seeking solace in fleeting moments of pleasure.



Wandering Heart” offers a poignant exploration into the life of Santiago, portrayed by Leonardo Sbaraglia, a single gay man navigating a series of transient sexual encounters. As his teenage daughter Laila, played by Miranda de la Serna, prepares to embark on her own journey, Santiago’s behavior spirals downward. He grapples with the quest for meaning in his life while harboring the fear of facing solitude. Concurrently, he bears the weight of caring for his ailing mother and contends with unresolved emotions for his ex-boyfriend, Luis, portrayed by Alberto Ajaka.

The film meticulously crafts Santiago’s character, presenting him from various angles to provide a fully realized portrayal. Initially depicted through his hedonistic pursuits, such as attending orgies, Santiago’s complex layers gradually unfold.

His relationship with Laila is fraught with intensity, with her often shouldering more responsibility for him than vice versa. Their tumultuous bond leads to mutual frustration, as Santiago’s insecurities manifest in his treatment of Laila. The prospect of her departure from the family home fills him with dread, fearing the prospect of loneliness. As their dynamic simmers beneath the surface, Santiago embarks on a self-destructive journey that becomes increasingly harrowing to witness.

At pivotal moments, Santiago confronts the reality that he cannot continue down his current path. An impromptu trip to visit Luis, with Laila and his mother in tow, exposes Santiago’s emotional fragility and immaturity. Desperate for reconnection, Santiago grapples with rejection, escalating his behavior to alarming levels. Picture him stark naked, serenading George Michael in the dead of night as friends watch from a pool—Santiago teeters on the brink of a mental breakdown.

The success of the film hinges upon Leonardo Sbaraglia’s fearless performance. He embodies Santiago with such conviction that viewers oscillate between sympathy and frustration, echoing the sentiments of his daughter Laila. While audiences root for Santiago’s redemption, it’s evident that his journey will be arduous. Sbaraglia navigates the character’s darkest depths with remarkable finesse, striking a delicate balance between vulnerability and resilience.

“Wandering Heart” isn’t a lighthearted film, and it’s important to be aware of that before diving in. Santiago’s journey may resonate with many gay men who find themselves in middle age but still grappling with lingering habits from their partying days. While there’s a poignant sadness to witnessing Santiago’s downward spiral, Leonardo Sbaraglia’s portrayal infuses the story with a hopeful undercurrent. It’s this ray of hope that will keep viewers engaged until the very end.

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