Ba’al Ba’al Lev (1998) by Eytan Fox – Trailer

Story of mixed identities of two identical twins, one an orthodox Jew and the other a secular. The two songs included in ‘Ba’al Ba’al Lev’ (as well as its title) are borrowed from ‘Kunilemel’: one dealing with the identity conflicts of its main character, the other with the marriage fantasies of its heroine, looking for ‘a husband with a heart’.

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The Bubble (2006) - A gay film by Eytan Fox

The Bubble (2006) – A gay film by Eytan Fox – Trailer

Ashraf (Yousef “Joe” Sweid), a Palestinian, meets Noam (Ohad Knoller), an Israeli, at a checkpoint station. The pair begin a relationship, and Ashraff moves in illegally with Noam and Noam’s roommates, Lulu (Daniela Virtzer) and Yelli (Alon Friedman). The hip Tel Aviv neighborhood in which they live insulates them from the ongoing conflict between Arabs and Jews, but their protection cannot last forever.

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!