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Gay short movies
Just Friends (2018): A Heartwarming Dutch Romantic Comedy

Just Friends (2018): A Heartwarming Dutch Romantic Comedy

A heartwarming Dutch romantic comedy about Joris and Yad, two young men of mixed origins who fall in love and ...
Chords (Acordes) (2020): A Reflection on Hidden Loves and Late Discoveries

Chords (Acordes) (2020): A Reflection on Hidden Loves and Late Discoveries

Bernardo, an elderly Art History teacher who has recently retired and is mourning the loss of his wife, Cecilia, unexpectedly ...
Socrates (2018): A Glimpse into the Harsh Realities of Life

Socrates (2018): A Glimpse into the Harsh Realities of Life

After his mother's sudden death, Socrates, a 15-year-old living on the margins of SΓ£o Paulo's coast, must survive on his ...
The End of My World (2017): Pain of a Breakup in Kamil Krawczycki's Groundbreaking Polish Short Drama

The End of My World (2017): Pain of a Breakup in Kamil Krawczycki’s Groundbreaking Polish Short Drama

Filip is devastated when his long-term boyfriend Eryk abruptly leaves him, disappearing without a trace. Despite the support from friends ...
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Home Β» Before It’s Too Late (2019) by Leandro Goddinho

Locked in a hotel room, two teenagers decide to change the course of their lives.

gay film
Before It's Too Late (2019)

Before It’s Too Late (2019)

Antes que seja tarde (original title)

Director: Leandro Goddinho
Writer: Leandro Goddinho
County: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Gernre: Short movie
Duration: 15 min
Year: 2019

Stars: Fernando Siqeira, Marcos Oliveira

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Boys Hurt Too (2021)
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American Vagabond (2013)
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I LOVE YOU 2 (2017)
I LOVE YOU 2 (2017)

A country singing duo, on the eve of a new homophobic president taking office, lock themselves in their hotel room and find out what they mean to each other.

– SPECIAL JURY MENTION – Short of the Year /Spain – Jan/2020.

Official Selections / Competition:
– 24th Seattle Queer Film Festival /USA – Oct/2019.
– 30th Tampa Bay Int’l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival /USA – Oct/2019.
– 28th Bent: Sacramento Int’l LGBTQ Film Festival /USA – Oct/2019.
– 31st NewFest – New York LGBTQ Film Festival /USA – Oct/2019.
– 8th CGM Shorts Film Festival /USA – Oct/2019.
– 8th Curta o Genero /Brazil – Nov/2019.
– Seoul Int’l PRIDE Film Festival /South Korea – Nov/2019.
– 4th LIFFY – Latino and Iberian Film Festival Yale /USA – Nov/2019.
– 27th Mix Brasil Film Festival /Brazil – Nov/2019.
– 22nd FanCineGay – Int’l LGBT Film Festival of Extremadura /Spain –Nov/2019.
– 5th IQMF – Int’l Queer & Migrant Film Festival /Amsterdam – Dec/2019.
– Short of the Year /Spain – Jan/2020.
– 27th Queer Screen – Mardi Gras Film Festival /Australia – Feb/2020.
– 15th Out Fest Fusion LGBTQ People of Color Film Festival /USA – Mar/2020.
– 10th Capital City Film Festival /USA – April/2020.
– 30th INSIDE OUT LGBT Film Festival /Canada – May/2020.
– 24th MIX Mexico Film Festival /Mexico – May/2020.
– 11th KASHISH Mumbai Int’l Queer Film Festival /India – Sept/2020.

They (2017)

They (2017): Multi-Layered Story of a Teen’s Journey to Self-Discovery

Fourteen-year-old J goes by the pronoun ‘They’ and lives with their parents in the suburbs of Chicago. J is exploring their gender identity while taking hormone blockers to postpone puberty. After two years of medication and therapy, J has to make a decision whether or not to transition. Over this crucial weekend while their parents are away, J’s sister Lauren and her maybe/maybe-not Iranian partner Araz arrive to take care of ‘They.’

Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!